I’ve compiled a list of every meme of 2017 starting January 1st.


1. Hollyweed

2. Nazi gets punched

3. General displeasure surrounding American and World politics

4. Salt bae

5. The bi bi man

6. Two people arm wrestling, one says ‘you all are not’ the other says YAINT

7. No fear -> one fear

8. Can’t ____ if you don’t ____.

9. America is Obama’s sad ex

10. Cash me outside howbow dah

11. Lens flares for eyes

12. Lik the bred (it’s seeing a massive resurgence though it started in 2016)

13. Me me big boy

14. What in Tarnation variations

15. 'Shooting Star’ video edits

16. Brother may I have some oats?

17. Brain development meme

18. Whoms’t

19. The 2017 Oscars / Oscar card

20. 'Academy Award Winning Film Suicide Squad’

21. The gif of that one guy blinking in apparent surprise but he’s got a straight face

22. It’s not that deep

23. Bad Bradley (Not Active Town)

24. Nintendo switch. Like, the whole thing

25. Student Athlete meme (and variants)

26. The future that the Liberals want

27. Italian hand gesture

28. Dear Jack -> Love Aku

29. Meryl Streep but she’s yelling

30. Pepsi fiasco & United combined fiascos

31. Light Yagami’s new last name

32. Cronch

33. Rick and Morty szechuan sauce

34. Vore

35. Using Spotify playlists to perpetuate other memes

36. John C. Miller / Denny’s meme drama

37. Bone hurting juice

38. Oh worm?

39. Laundry sauce

40. Fyre Festival

41. Yeah lemme get a fuckin uhhhhhhhhh

42. Thrussy

43. The Babadook is gay

44. Friendship ended with ___ now ___ is my new best friend

45. Ordinary people vs Creative people

46. History of the Entire World I guess

47. Jughead’s weirdo speech (have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on? That’s weird)

48. Spongebob but he’s sort of a bird and he’s mocking you

49. Joe shut up and get the fuck out- I’m going to fuck your wife now!

50. Respecting Women

51. Avocado toast

52. Cracking open a cold one with the boys

53. There is something going on about believing in John Adams

54. Covfefe

55. Thot

56. It’s true, but he shouldn’t say it

57. Taking a photo out of context and adding words on top of certain parts to perpetuate another meme (ex: me, respecting, women)

58. Redbone edits

59. _____ but it’s playing from another room

60. Fidget spinners

61. Ditty.it

62. 🅱️

63. Harrison Ford saying 'baby boy. Baby’ and 'evil’ to two pictures.

64. The floor is lava and variations

65. Woody’s roundup / the Woody collective

66. This post may contain sensitive content, learn more

67. Anakin Skywalker (usually depicted as a socially regressive doofus but honestly all Anakin memes are relevant here)

68. “____, we gotta respect women.” “If she breaths, she a thot.” “ALL WOMEN ARE QUEENS, ____!!!”

69. Who would win?

70. Buenos dias Mandy

71. One thicc bih

72. Where’s my Uber driver taking me?

73. Characters or seasons in a show summed up by Spongebob images

74. How to talk to short people

75. This is the cutest shit I’ve ever seen

76. And this is a classic gaming emotion

77. Micky Mouse saying 'it’s a surprise tool that will help us later’

78. Stopping to clean some random celebrity’s Hollywood star and saying 'nothing but respect for MY president’

79. Something serious -> I sleep -> something inconsequential -> awake with lens flare eyes

80. Millennial’s are killing ____ industry!!!

81. Flat Earthers

82. It’s like a big long thank you of sorts and every square having a person pictured in it, except for the middle one, which says 'not you’ because whoever’s in the middle is bad

83. Smiling hotdog ?

84. Owl City’s Fireflies as a whole, as well of variations there upon (you would not believe your ___, if 10 million ___).

85. He protec, He attac, but most importantly he ______

86. Sometimes…. things that are expensive…………. are worse

87. Woman eating salad: 'in front of my salad!’

88. Tom Holland mouth frog

89. The emoji movie bombs

90. This ones a bit of a call back to an earlier meme, but the entire Salman, Asif, Mudasir friendship is definitely a wholesome meme now

91. Hewwo

92. *zooms in* maybe so

93. A picture of Ted Cruz that says 'this man ate my son’

94. _____ don’t interact

95. *minor inconvenience* me, a gay, “this is homophobia”

96. Don’t fuck with me! I have the power of God AND anime on my side!

97. A hot girl walking by, there is a guy obviously staring and his girlfriend looks angry. Text is put on top of the image

98. There are certainly a lot of Solar Eclipse memes, most pertaining to blindness |END PART 1|

swonin  asked:

Você desconfia de quem seja o o mascarado em Eldarya? [ Eu realmente ando desesperada por causa dele nesses últimos dias :' ) ]

Eu tenho 70% de certeza que é um personagem novo e 30% de é o leiftan

UMAR Mukhtar, dijuluki oleh Barat sebagai “Lion of the Desert”, Mujahidin Libya, memimpin jihad melawan penjajah Italia pada tahun 1920-1930-an. Dia berusia 70 tahun, ketika ia menderita luka parah, dan ditawan oleh penjajah.
Sebuah dialog di pengadilan kafir pada tahun 1931, antara “hakim” dan Umar Mukhtar.
Hakim: “Apakah Anda melawan negara Italia?”
Umar: “Ya.”
Hakim: “Apakah Anda mendorong orang untuk berperang melawan Italia?”
Umar: “Ya.”
Hakim: “Apakah Anda menyadari hukuman untuk apa yang Anda lakukan?”
Umar: “Ya.”
Hakim: “Selama berapa tahun Anda melawan Italia?”
Umar: “Sudah selama 20 tahun.”
Hakim: “Apakah Anda menyesal atas apa yang telah Anda lakukan?”
Umar: “Tidak.”
Hakim: “Apakah Anda menyadari bahwa Anda akan dieksekusi?”
Umar: “Ya.”
Hakim: “Ini merupakan akhir yang suram bagi orang seperti Anda.”
Mendengar kata-kata ini, Umar Mukhtar menjawab:
“Sebaliknya, ini adalah cara terbaik untuk mengakhiri hidup saya!”
Hakim kemudian ingin membebaskannya dan mendeportasinya dari negara itu jika ia mau mengajak Mujahidin dalam sebuah pernyataan untuk menghentikan Jihad. Kemudian Umar Mukhtar mengatakan kata-katanya yang terkenal:
“Jari telunjuk saya, yang mengakui dalam setiap ibadah bahwa tidak ada Tuhan selain Allah dan bahwa Muhammad adalah Rasulullah, tidak bisa menulis kata-kata dusta, kami tidak menyerah, kami menang atau mati!”
Umar Mukhtar menemui kesyahidan-nya di tiang gantung.


#vibrato #electricguitar Dia/Day 70 Vibrato (three types)🎸🎸🎸 Treinando os 3 tipos de vibrato #100daysofpractice

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Dia 70: Uma música com erros de português

Strike - O Jogo Virou

Então, a única música que eu achei foi essa, quando ele fala “seis hora da manhã”, mas tá valendo né?

“O mundo gira e bota sempre tudo no lugar”

11 de Março de 2011 (foi ontem, moçada rs)

Ontem de noite a Duda me mandou DM dizendo que estava se sentindo sozinha e tal. Na mesma hora falei pra ela vir dormir aqui em casa porque (1) queria companhia pra ver um filme (2) minha mãe estava de namorico no quarto ao lado e eu não queria encarar isso sozinho e (3) sou um amor.

Assistimos aquele Aprendendo Sobre Sexo na TV Gazeta, e a apresentadora estava falando sobre tamanho de pênis. Ela mostrou uma máquina que a gente enfia o pênis, suga o ar e segundo ela o pinto fica “gorduchinho, roxo e todo feio”.

Achei aquilo meio ofensivo para ps caras que tem pinto roxo de verdade. Mesmo sem usar a tal máquina.

Hoje o dia vai ser cheio. E eu odeio finais de semana cheios.

Porque acredito que Deus criou fins de semana pra gente não fazer nada. Tipo, nada mesmo.


x Vitor.