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less than soft third year headcanons

- kanan has suplexed mari into the water on at least one occasion. mari’s not the greatest swimmer either, so watching her flail about was particularly satisfying.

- dia is the type of person to swear vivaciously when she hits her shins on furniture in the dark. mari and kanan have heard her. multiple times.

- kanan has walked into more glass doors than she likes to admit. one time she walked into two in a row. mari can’t control herself whenever she thinks about it. even dia was struggling to stand.

- as a child, mari was the type of person to climb trees and never know how to get down. kanan climbed up to try and get her, but mari just ended up faling on dia. dia had a bruise for two weeks.

- when they were little, dia was really really good at walking atop the sea barriers. kanan was less so. mari never lets her forget the time she caught kanan, bridal-style.

- mari teaches the second and first years italian and american swear words, except she tells them they have completely different meanings. not many people can outrun kanan’s sprint, but apparently mari can if she really tries.

- young kanan and mari used to play harmless pranks on dia - a bucket of water open an ajar door, adding chili to her lunch - but one time, the two of them scared dia into falling off the dock and into the water. they waited for two minutes, but she still didn’t resurface. when dia finally came back up, mari and kanan were crying. they thought they’d drowned her. dia said it serves them right. mari and kanan tone it down after that.

- dia plays the most bizarre pranks. mari comes home one day to find mikan all around her house. she’s so confused. kanan doesn’t get it either, but dia is a step away from rolling on the floor laughing. each mikan is accompanied by a smiley face on a post-it note.

- mari and kanan are both pretty strong, and dia has weak noodle arms. consequently, mari makes sure dia is always carrying the heaviest bags. dia is a soldier, she doesn’t complain. (kanan swaps bags with her when mari isn’t looking)

- kanan has a habit of picking dia up by the waist and throwing her into the water. mari, too. so, when they’re sick of it, dia and mari team up to lift their muscular girlfriend and postively hurl her into the air. none of them are particularly graceful, but kanan’s swan dive and spaghetti limbs really takes the cake.

- sometimes kanan gets dia to sit on her back whilst she does push-ups. it’s a lot harder, but she can do it. mari sits down too and kanan is completely squashed. diamari refuse to move, too. you’re comfortable, they say.

- after she comes back, mari enters her house for the first time in two years. she finds a patch of mould and a note with a smiley face on it. she tries her best to keep a smile on her face.


Time skip art trade with @teamvcta for stuffs O<-<

i also putted it as a square-diamond matching to his blog icon soo, at least a fresh attempt as a group pic uwu

Here aare the links for Jos character sheet of VCTA UU

mikantrapper  asked:

For the prompts things, would you consider doing a Kanadia Flower Shop AU ; a ; I think it'd be really cute. Thank you in advance! ~

Sorry this has taken so long! I hope this is everything you’re hoping it might be, i’ve been thinking a lot about this since I saw it in my inbox ;u;.

I’m also doubling this as a birthday present for my fav!! Happy late birthday Dia ily ;o;!!

KanaDia flower shop au! here we go!

(Note: all italicized words said by Mari are said in English)

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