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anonymous asked:

for a person who is barely starting out that has around 150k teams and wants to get better; is scouting for new cards or trying to get event cards more efficient towards building better teams?

Event cards, esp the 3* which are easy to get and max. They are as good as a single copy 4* that you might get in a gacha if your luck isn’t good. (Keep in mind only the first scout of every scouting box guarantees you a 4*, for regular box you are guaranteed a 4* or up once monthly)

Also as long as you have dia (with your teams possibly 150-200? it will take you two events to collect that much) you can go for the 5* of the event as well. the dia needed to go for the point 5* keeps decreasing to the point of nil as your teams get stronger.

Good luck~


EIJUN WEEK (2016)|| Day 03: Dreams and Reality captured as Sawamura moves towards to his goal.

“I’m here to become an ace!”

“I never wanted to become a relief pitcher…”

“We’ve started to think how reliable you’ve become.”