dia pet

One week ago, my dog Marco passed away at 12 years old, and we had to say goodbye to a beloved member of our family. I went to the veterinary clinic with my parents and brother to see him one last time, but couldn’t bring myself to stay in the room when he was put down. While I was waiting outside, one of the volunteers came by and comforted me, assuring me that he had a long, happy life with us. One thing that really stood out to me was her t-shirt, which featured a woman in a black dress and La Catrina makeup. For some reason, I felt like it was a sign that Marco would be well taken care of, even though he wasn’t with us anymore.

Since today is the Day of the Dead, I thought this would be a good time to post this picture. I miss you, Marco. We’ll always love you, and you’ll always be a part of this family.

“Thank you for having us over, You.” Dia grinned rather sheepishly as Mari and Kanan enthusiastically kissed their host.

You managed to separate herself from the overly friendly pets to smile back at Dia. “No prob, Angel and Siren love when these two visit.”

Speaking of the pair, Yoshiko and Riko walked into the room, freshly dressed to play. Dia’s eyes widened at Yoshiko’s appearance. Her outfit consisted of black leather straps, doing nothing to preserve her modestly. Her only additional accessories were a spiked collar, black wolf ears, and a matching tail.

Riko was dressed more modestly in a white lace bra and panty set. Her collar was pink and accented her white cat set well.

“Hello, Miss Dia.” Riko bowed, keeping her eyes down until Dia pet her.

Dia hooked a finger under her collar, tugging gently to bring Riko level to kiss. “Hello, Siren, you’re looking lovely today.”

Riko blushed, a pleased smile spreading across her lips. “Thank you, Miss.”

“And you.” Dia turned to Yoshiko, briefly noting her pets being spoiled by You on the couch. “You seem rather pleased with yourself.”

The wolf grinned, and bowed with a mocking flourish. “Of course, Miss, I’m always here to please.”

Dia’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “Kneel.”

Yoshiko’s eyes flashed with excitement are she kneeled in front of the smaller woman.

Dia’s nails scraped up her neck and under her jaw. “Why so proud, Angel? I don’t see any new pictures on your skin.”

Yoshiko’s devilish grin returned. “Don’t I get a hello kiss first, Miss Dia?”

Dia contemplated for a moment. “I suppose so.” She leaned over and indulged Yoshiko. She squeaked in surprise as a tongue slipped past her lips, bringing with it warm metal. “What was that? Show me your tongue.”

Yoshiko obliged, showing off the tongue piercing.

“So that’s why you’re all excited…” Dia chuckled, ruffling her hair. “It suits you. Now, enough playing with me, the others will think I’m playing favorites. Go on.”

Yoshiko nodded, hopping up for one more surprise kiss before trotting over to where Kanan and Mari had pinned Riko down to see who could leave a bigger hickey.