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Now, i heard that yall getting excited about getting a xolo bc you saw coco, lemme tell you something very important, the xolo NEEDS some special care bc of their skin, and if DO NOT want that, or are NOT prepared for that, DO NOT get a xolo.

They are very lovely, and great companions, are very gentle and they get attached FAST. Don’t break a xolo’s heart because you are too stupid to make some reseach, and check if you are even available to have one.

Aquors Ships with Pets

ChikaRiko: No pets, at least for a while. Chika only really wants a dog, but Riko would never let her have one. However, Chika bothers Riko about it near constantly, for months, so eventually she caves in and agrees to let her have a dog, provided she takes care of it, feeds it, pays for it, etc. So she does exactly that. She gets a Pomeranian (She made sure to get a small dog to make it easier for Riko) and names them Mikan, claiming its because of its orange fur. (Everyone else disputes this, believing its just because of her obsession.)

Chika is really close to Mikan, training them everyday, and actually doing really well with it. Although rather excitable (Especially around new people), Mikan is a really well trained dog. Despite their training, Riko insists on not letting them into certain rooms of the house, or up on the sofas. (Although Chika lets them go everywhere when Riko isn’t around). Eventually, Riko grows to quite like the dog, despite still being kind of scared.

Yohamaru: Two cats. One of them is Bahamut, (Ba-Chan for short.) the cat Yoshiko adopted when she was younger. He’s really affectionate to her, hardly ever leaving her side. He gets kind of jealous when other people are around Yoshiko, and so will try and monopolise her attention. He really likes Hanamaru though, and is nearly as affectionate to her as he is to Yoshiko. 

Their other cat is just named Hanako (Maru thought it’d be cute to combine their names), she’s the complete opposite to Bahamut, a big, fluffy white cat. She’s pretty indifferent, being a more independent cat. She’s a lot less affectionate and more relaxed, usually lounging around the house or being out. She does have a soft spot for her owners though. She likes messing with Bahamut, despite being younger she tends to be good at it.

KanaDiaMari: Kanan owns a dog, a big labrador, Mari owns a cat that she spoils. Dia doesn’t have any pets of her own, only taking care of theirs. They also have a big fish tank that Kanan maintains, she loves watching them all swim around and observing the behaviours of all the different species.

Mari absolutely spoils her cat, always buying it the most expensive toys and treats. Unlike some cats, she’s actually very grateful and plays with the toys a lot. The cat somewhat resembles Mari, being excitable and silly. Like Mari, she’s also mischievous, knocking things off of shelves and the like.

Kanan walks the dog every morning, usually really early. The dog is pretty relaxed at home (Dia trained him well), but when he goes out he tends to get wilder and more excitable, luckily Kanan can keep pace with him really well. He’s quite an affectionate dog, which is unfortunate due to his size. His favourite person to sit on is Dia, who despite her complaints, would never dream of pushing him off. One of the trio’s (Couple? Idk?) favourite things to do is go on a relaxed walk with the dog in the evening. It’s always pleasant, giving them an opportunity to appreciate the scenery around them.

3rd years + animals headcanons

- dia is a huge cat person. so big a cat person, actually, that sometimes she spends hours at mari’s just to play with mari’s cat. she loves that cat so much - always cooing at it, petting it, cuddling it. the cat loves her back, always appearing from nowhere when dia shows up. mari usually pouts on the couch somewhere. kanan asks her which one she’s jealous of with a smirk. mari grumbles.

- there’s something about the marine life and kanan that’s way too disney to be real. every time kanan goes out into the ocean, the aquatic animals surround her like she’s the little mermaid, nibbling at her hands and gently nudging her back. mari and dia call bullshit, but it just keeps happening. kanan is blissfully unaware of the fact that she’s a total disney princess.

- when mari was young, she saw her pet puppy run across the road and get hit by a car. she decided not to own a puppy again.

- dia has asked for a pet cat every year for her birthday up until she was fifteen. every time her parents turned her down. mari decided to alleviate the problem by getting dia a pet cat to keep at her house, hence leading to the above situation. she would regret it, but she’ll never forget the grin on little dia’s face when mari plopped a white, fluffy kitten in dia’s lap.

- kanan had a habit of getting really, really into dog training. dia caught her rolling on the ground as a demonstration to shiitake, chika’s dog, in an effort to teach him how to roll over. the look on kanan’s dirt-covered face as she realised she’d been caught was priceless.

- in an effort to combat kanan’s disney princess way with animals, dia once ran into the forest and whistled a tune in an effort to get birds and small animals to come and sit with her. she ended up getting chased by a deer, instead. kanan and mari still double over when they think about it.

- though not as bold as dia, young mari still wanted to compete with kanan, so she purchased several songbirds, intending to train them to sit on her arms and sing. she just ended up with bird poo all over her, and decided she hated birds. birds seem to hate her too, though, so it’s ok.

- speaking of which, it’s become a commonplace event for mari to get pooed on by a bird whenever the three of them go out together in the summer. mari insists she likes wearing hats, because she keep her cool, but dia and kanan always exchange a smirk.

- kanan and mari always thought dia would be the one to be afraid of spiders, but no. dia actually has no problem with getting rid of spiders. her and kanan sometimes argue for hours over whether or not to kill them - kanan says no because they’re useful, dia thinks they’re pure evil. mari just hides on a chair. gross.

- dia insists on getting a cat for their first (shared) pet, but kanan insists it has to be a dog. mari fakes a smile, but her stomach sinks when kanan wins. the next day, they come home with an adorable shiba puppy. mari doesn’t think much of it at first, but after seeing how obedient it is and how it likes to curl up with them and sleep, she starts to warm up to it.

- bit by bit, mari learns to love dogs again - although she still insists on leashes whenever they’re near a road. she’s the one who names him - sakutarou, after a silly anime character. dia rolls her eyes but kanan thinks it’s a good name. a bit weird, but that’s perfect for mari.

- mari loves that dog.

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1. Bad Romance - Lady Gaga 2. Black Magic - Little Mix 3. Ghosts - Laura Marling 4. Little Shop of Horrors Overture 5. Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones 6. Thriller/Heads Will Roll - Glee Cast 7. Devil’s Spoke - Laura Marling 8. Shake It Out - Florence + the Machine 9. Dawn of the Dead - Does It Offend You, Yeah? 10. Ghosts - Skye Sweetnam 11. Thriller - Michael Jackson ft. Vincent Price 12. Zombie Jamboree - Rockapella 13. Strange Things - Disney 14. Cruella De Vil - 101 Dalmatians 15. Jekyll & Hyde - Arthur 16. E.T. - Katy Perry 17. Misguided Ghosts - Paramore 18. FEED ME! (Git It) - Little Shop of Horrors 19. Not Alone - Sara Bareilles 20. Magic - One Direction 21. Magic Trick - M. Ward 22. Werewolf Bar Mitzvah - 30 Rock 23. Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival 24. Dead and Done Blues - Bobby Long 25. Demons - Sleigh Bells 26. Grim Grinning Ghosts - X. Atencio 27. Don’t Fear the Reaper - Blue Öyster Cult 28. Every Day is Halloween - Ministry 29. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) - Backstreet Boys 30. Frankenstein - The Edgar Winter Group 31. Ghostbusters Theme - Ray Parker, Jr. 32. Highway to Hell - Ben Haenow 33. I Put a Spell on You - Screaming Jay Hawkins 34. I’m in Love with a Monster! - Fifth Harmony 35. It’s a Dead Man’s Party - Oingo Boingo 36. Monster (Nicki’s Verse) - Nicki Minaj 37. Monster - Meg & Dia 38. Pet Sematary - The Ramones 39. The Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show 40. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? Theme 41. Somebody’s Watching Me - Rockwell ft. Michael Jackson 42. Spooky Scary Skeletons - Andrew Gold 43. Superstition (Live in Nashville) - Jonas Brothers 44. Superstition - Stevie Wonder 45. The Headless Horseman - Bing Crosby 46. The Monster Mash - Only the Young 47. This Is Halloween - The Nightmare Before Christmas 48. Weird Science - Oingo Boingo 49. Rhythm of the Night - Bastille 50. Disturbia - Rihanna

wightlight  asked:

Diakanan where kanan is a werewolf maybe? It's halloween soon after all ^^

Hey, sorry this is late. I actually started writing it the day before Halloween, but then I got caught up in writing a different set of Halloween HCs and then some other stuff and aaaa. So, although it’s out of season now, I hope you enjoy these anyway!

I imagine this starting as any good Halloween love story does. With screaming. At age 10, Dia hears her little sister Ruby, screaming outside. Being the good older sister she is, she rushes to her aid. Only to a find a weird blue werewolf. She wasn’t even scaring Ruby, she was kind of just sniffing around. Despite all the anger she had towards it for scaring Ruby. She approached it calmly. Kanan, feeling calmed by this and appreciating not being chased down for once, sat down, letting Dia come over and pet her. Long story short, the next thing Dia she knew she had a weird blue haired girl clinging to her when she woke up.

From then on, Kanan would pay regular visits to the Kurosawa household. Mostly sneaking in through, Dia feeling kinda paranoid her parents wouldn’t approve of this weird homeless looking kid constantly sleeping over nearly every single day.

When they were 13 they had their first kiss. They were watching some lame werewolf romance movie, and Kanan wanted to try what they were doing. So after a bit of begging, she convinced Dia to try it.

Anyway, onto the present day. Dia and Kanan are 18 now and are dating.

Kanan can actually turn into a werewolf at will. However she loses control of herself on full moons, being unable to prevent her transformation and becoming sort of violent. On these nights, Dia chains Kanan up and sits in the room with her. It’s a bit of a risk, but she thinks that Kanan wouldn’t hurt her even if she did break free Fortunately they’ve never had to find out the answer to that.

Kanan sometimes just sprouts ears and a tail. Often when she gets excited, her tail will just appear and start wagging. Dia has to catch it quickly to make sure she doesn’t get found out in public.

Kanan tends to react like a dog to some things. While she and Dia are out on walks she’ll feel the impulse to chase cats and etc. She has enough self control to not do it though.

Kanan ends up just living at Dia’s house eventually. However she keeps her lycanthropy hidden, only Ruby and Dia know about it. The Kurosawa parents just thing she’s a nice, sort of scruffy, girl that their daughter is in love with.

To: Lord Sebastian D'Hildegarde / Alice Rosewenth of the Scarlet Talons 

Good evening, Sebastian and Alice.

This is Declan Nicholaides, Iria’s father.  I wanted to pen you both a quick letter as I’ve not heard from my daughter in a few days which is quite unlike her.  I’m sure she’s doing just fine in your care, but an oddity occurred this evening as her pet bluebird, Dia, arrived home this evening in a state of panic.  As you know, Iria is never really without Dia in her company unless she’s traveling.  Even then the little bird is usually with her in some way.  I just wanted to reach out and make certain all was well because I’m sensing something wrong with how Dia’s behavior has been.  My son Edrian seems to think something has happened, and we think it may be best that we see you both just to make certain you’re both alright.  No doubt you’ve heard all about the unfortunate incident regarding our home here in Mist. 

Please, I would like to receive some word from either of you that she’s fine.  I just ask that you send us some sort of correspondence in return so that we know that both of you are alright, as well.  You’re practically family now and anything concerning her is now something that extends to you as well.  My brothers, Ivar and Reese, have been reporting some suspicious activity regarding certain employees that were recently let go, and we want to make sure they aren’t involved in all of this Theriot mess. 

Take care and hope to hear from you both soon, 

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Ex-admin (11)

Kalau dibilang Kirana anak tanpa gadget, itu kurang tepat. Mbak No juga gak setuju. Karena dia dari bayi udah deket sama gadget-gadget kok. Cuma dia gaptek wkwkwk

Dua tahun lalu, aku inget Kirana baru-barunya bisa duduk tanpa bantuan. Waktu itu Kirana duduk, sambil nonton youtube lagu anak-anak gitu. Cuma waktu itu layarnya di-lock sama mbak No, entah gimana atau fitur dari tabnya mbuh aku ga ngerti wkwk jd kalaupun si layar kepegang sama Kirana, ga ada perubahan. Jadi, mungkin si Kirana tahunya itu buat nonton doang kayak tipi.

Kirana juga tumbuh ditemani Youtube. Tapi selama dia pegang gadget, mbak No selalu mendampingi. Nonton bareng gitu. Dan ini penting, selain untuk mengawasi, juga untuk persiapan. Karena Kirana biasanya ngomong sesuatu dari tontonannya. Random gitu.
Misal lagi baca buku, ada gambar tikus, dia bilang “Nanti dia roll over-roll over”. Ada lagu “10 in the bed” yang tokohnya 10 tikus tidur di kasur terus satu persatu jatuh dari kasur. Jadi walaupun kadang dia out of topic, kita masih bisa nimpali, “Hahaha iya ya…nanti dia sendiri, terus lonely…” sesuai dengan yang dia maksud.
Jadi salah satu pesan mbak No sebelum berangkat haji adalah “Dek, kau harus nonton semua tontonan dia. Biar nyambung kalo ngomong”

Kirana juga main games kok. Ada 3 games di tab nya dia: Doctor Pet, My Dentist Game, dan Bowling for Kids. Bahkan kalau ditengah game nya ada iklan gitu, dia tahu cara nge-skip videonya.
Hmm mungkin buat yang lain ini hal biasa. Tapi ini Kirana. Pas tahu Kirana bisa nge-skip video iklan…itu…itu…kayak dia bisa ngerjain soal fisika –’

Terakhir dia baru bisa membesarkan dan mengecilkan suara, dan sudah tau tombol on-off di gadgetnya. Udah bisa milih video sendiri di youtube. Luar biasa…mungkin karena kemaren dua minggu kebanyakan main gadget sama aku 😢😢 wkwkwk

Aku sendiri kemarin kebanyakan “nyambi”. Kadang sambil balesin chat, kadang sambil nonton korea (hehe). Jujur, pernah Kirana sengaja aku kasih tontonan atau aku suruh main Doctor Pet sendiri dulu, karena ada beberapa pekerjaan yang ga bisa sambil pegang Kirana. Tapi untungnya, Kirana ga terlalu hanyut sama buaian gadget, kalau gadgetnya kita ambil atau kita suruh stop main, dia nurut-nurut aja. Oh…dan selama main sendiri tadi dia tetap ngobrol sama kita. Atau kalau dia diam, aku berusaha sambil ngobrol sama dia, sekedar “Siapa yang sakit? Kenapa catnya?” Walaupun jawaban dia ga aku denger yang penting komunikasi tetap ada.
Pesan mbak No, “Jangan sampai dia merasa sendirian.”

Enak ya. Enak dititipin anak, udah gede, udah ngerti sendiri. Jadi reality show korea ga pernah ketinggalan wkwk ah, antiklimaks. Harusnya kata-kata bijak ya? Biarlah.

One week ago, my dog Marco passed away at 12 years old, and we had to say goodbye to a beloved member of our family. I went to the veterinary clinic with my parents and brother to see him one last time, but couldn’t bring myself to stay in the room when he was put down. While I was waiting outside, one of the volunteers came by and comforted me, assuring me that he had a long, happy life with us. One thing that really stood out to me was her t-shirt, which featured a woman in a black dress and La Catrina makeup. For some reason, I felt like it was a sign that Marco would be well taken care of, even though he wasn’t with us anymore.

Since today is the Day of the Dead, I thought this would be a good time to post this picture. I miss you, Marco. We’ll always love you, and you’ll always be a part of this family.

Eu apoio você no que quiser fazer, Peter. Eu sei que você ta tentando não me magoar, mas isso só tá me machucando mais. Eu não posso ocupar na sua vida um lugar diferente ao que você ocupa na minha. Mas eu também não consigo dar um basta nisso, porque eu não quero ficar longe de você.Todos esses dias, todos os dias que eu pergunto sobre ela, ou sobre as festas que você foi no final de semana, todos os dias Pet, todos, eu estou tentando te manter perto de mim pelo menos fisicamente. Eu estou tentando fazer você me olhar todo dia, até que um dia veja o amor da sua vida. Eu to apostando todas as minhas fichas na chance de uma vez, amanhã ou daqui há dez anos, plante no seu coração uma dúvida, uma duvidazinha, pequenininha, quase um átomo de esperança que de todos os teus erros, todos os teus amores errados,Peter, eu tenha sido o acerto. Mas você estava tão emocionado com a desilusão, que nem me percebeu aqui. No cantinho do teu coração, esperando um momento pra colidir com a razão e fazer o teu amor por mim existir.
—  Eu não sou a garota dos 50 motivos.