dia dark

Apa kita masih bisa terima kalau teman terdekat kita ngaku dia HIV(+) ?

Itu masih pertanyaan terbesar gue. I’m fine with everyone and who he/she is. Tapi kalau dia sampai ngasih tau dark secret (baca : open status HIV (+)) apa iya gue msh bisa melihat dia dengan cara pandang yang sama seperti dulu?

Gue masih harus-dan-terus belajar melapangkan dada.

Even though they weren’t such great mothers, I do feel that Karl Heinz abused and manipulated them to the point of insanity. So here’s a quick drawing I did of Ayato Sakamaki and Ruki Mukami defeating Karl Heinz.
Please enjoy!!❤

How should I feel?
Creature’s like here
Looking through the window.

How should I feel?
Creatures like here
Looking through the window.

They have killed everybody,
Like an animal,
Monsters through the window.


@dark-chocolate-fudge-sweetracer I interpreted this question as just for the anime, so apologies if I missed the mark here. On the other hand, even with that limitation in place, this answer got so out of hand that I made a goddamn PowerPoint presentation that doesn’t even fit into one post lol.

[Continued in Part 2 here!]

Me alcoholice tanto por tu partida, que llegue a sentir que todo era un sueño, lloré y grite tu nombre tan fuerte, que ahora todos saben de ti, lloré por pensar que no era suficiente para ti, lloré porque te extraño y lo más increíble, lloré porque espero que vuelvas. No quiero más alcohol para poder olvidarte.
—  †Dark Side†