I always felt magic here. It wasn’t until I was here with you, stammering, trying to eagerly and passionately express into words what this special place makes me feel, with your hand in mine and your affectionate smile, that I discovered just how magical it truly is. Your soul truly brings beauty to this world 💛✨

▲Kaisoo Fanfic

Title: Unplanned

Author: Soohua (Showert_ime)

Pairing: kai/kyungsoo

Rating: r

Genre: college!au

Length: one-shot (3.4k)

Description: Kyungsoo had a very bad day. Finding Jongin crying in the middle of a dorm hallway makes him think the young man also had a bad day. And this is probably totally out of empathy that he asked him to come to his room for Netflix and chill. It doesn’t go as planned.

- Admin Vic

wittenberg  asked:

yooo completely self indulgently, do you fancy drawing Cosette and Grantaire hanging out? go wild, do whatever you want with them it'll be amazing whatever you do 💛💛💛 ily

ily my pal, hope you like it tbh

R totally owns a Vespa, but Cosette has a big ass motorbike JVJ got her for her 18th birthday