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ok that shallura loveshild is the most beautiful oc i've ever seen!!?!?!

ty!!! heck never would ive guessed that ppl would actually like it i rarely do oc and stuff ´ _>`;; ;

My Jason Todd,

You’re away this weekend so I’m sitting alone in our room, awake at 2am despite not getting enough sleep last night and having a long, exhausting day, because you aren’t here and everything feels off.

When did I get so dependent on you being here?

Tomorrow is probably going to suck…

- Your Tim Drake

P.S. - let’s get drunk next weekend, please. I’ll pay for the vodka this time :)

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how do u feel about ppl requesting art and not thanking u? like I drew something and then I responded to their message when I posted it and immediately they send another request (I know it's same person bc of some context info) and they don't say anything about me drawing their first request and im kinda sad/mad. pls help ;o;

ok that’s the absolute worst i can understand you feeling upset about it i mean if it is something like the “send me character and a number thing” i wouldn’t mind cause i am asking for suggestions/request…but dude instead of firing an other request at least a small thank you/apparition wouldn’t hurt >:0
if you wanna avoid people sending you more than one request just turn of the anon option maybe :)?