Philipp Lahm

For a long time you’ve been in our lifes as an inspiration, role model and the perfect man that we want to find in our lifes. Thank you for everything, for each match, each goal you have scored, thank you for teach us that, we can get up when we fall and we can learn of our mistakes, thanks for being in our lifes.

11.11.83 - Happy Birthday, We love you.

Photo editing by Me, Words by Alee and Me.


it’s literally like someone grabbed my heart smashed into pieces spat on what was left threw alcohol and set into flames then threw the ashes on the sea and i’m swimming in it trying to put it back together

Instead of overreacting about Jelena and drama why don’t we take a moment to praise all the soldiers who died for us in wars, the ones who survived and the ones who didn’t. They are the heart in our freedom, the ones who went overseas for us. Those soldiers are way stronger than any other topic discussed right now. Every single one of you are in our hearts.