“His spouse is Uinen, the Lady of the Seas, whose hair lies spread through all waters under sky. All creatures she loves that live in the salt streams, and all weeds that grow there; to her mariners cry, for she can lay calm upon the waves, restraining the wildness of Ossë. The Númenóreans lived long in her protection, and held her in reverence equal to the Valar.”

So I was posing with a few Captain Americas and Captain Spidermans on the 4th of July at Anime Expo when I decided to fall over dead. I gave no heads up at all, and the boys just started yelling “No!!!!”. If you look closely you can see me trying not to laugh.

Outside of the shot there’s a Redskull cosplayer pointing a gun at me that I had no idea about

Peggy Carter: @valeriecosplay (me)
Cap on far left: Chris EM
Captain Spiderman: @veganspiderman
Avengers Captain America: @humbleshield (Instagram)
Cap on far right: @captain.novastar (Instagram)


“How do I look?”

“You look fucking ridiculous.”


The toy Mjolnir I plan to turn into Lil’ Smusher still hasn’t arrived, and when it does I’ll paint it and add something to attach it to my belt. But the costume is basically done. See if you can spot the five different magic items I’m wearing (not counting, of course, the Extreme Teen Bible or the bracer or arm.)

Not pictured: My stone of Farspeech, Fantasy Costco tote bag, as well as the Nit Picker and Voom Broom both of which will likely be sacrifices for bag space.