di's opera

Bisogna fare la propria vita, come si fa un'opera d'arte.
me at parties

*everyone chatting amongst themselves*

me: ahem.



me: soME of yOU may REcALL the stRAnge AFfair of the PHANTom of the OPERa…

everyone: not this shit again-

me: a mySTerY, never fULLy expliAned.

Asking Friends to Describe Musicals
  • I asked @ssam_jacksonn to describe musicals she's never seen and this was the result.
  • Heathers: Ummm... A girl named Heather who gets lots of men.
  • Chicago: Chicago?
  • Phantom of the Opera: A guy who sings opera and dies.
  • Newsies: Guys that wear news hats, like, newsboys hats, like that. And they deliver newspapers.
  • Jesus Christ Superstar: Jesus. The crucifixion.
  • Cats: They are cats. They are mean cats.
  • Love Never Dies: Um... This couple, like, the guy dies, but he comes back to life and the girl's in love with his ghost or something.
  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch: This person is mad about his inches. Like, his height.
  • Les Miserables: Oh yeah! This chick, right, she cuts off all her hair and gives up her child to this one guy. Then another guy gets out of prison and runs and lives in a monastery.
  • RENT: A guy paying rent. He misses rent a lot and his landlord gets on him.
  • Grease: There's a town with no music allowed, but this one guy comes and plays music on Sundays.
  • Footloose: Uh... You know. Feet.
  • Little Shop of Horrors: A serial killer that kills people and keeps their faces as masks.
  • Book of Mormon: Mormons try to convert people. Hilariously. And Andrew Rannells is in it.
  • West Side Story: Middle schoolers who bring weapons places?
  • That went better than expected...