I really like how the Stranger Things universe and the Mob Psycho 100 universe could *technically* be the same one? I mean, think about it. Stranger Things has an esper girl from the 80’s whose psychic powers were awakened by experimental means in a shady-ass lab by a secret organization. A precedent for Claw, anyone? Now imagine Mob somehow meeting a 40-50 yr old Eleven, having an actual adult figure with psychic powers who isn’t hostile, possibly with full control over them…

t-quill  asked:

If Nintendo came out with an Amiibo for Fi, how would Pocket Fi feel about this newcomer?

Pocket Fi would be happy! Fi (and by extension Pocket Fi) know how unpopular they are in the fandom. Any official merchandise of her would be welcomed because that means that there might be some people that love her enough to buy her merchandise!

On a side note, I’d pay good money for a Fi amiibo

Guys please be aware that bisexualdiscourser is reblogging posts with “tr*nnies should die” avoid them at all costs, especially after the recent reveal that they’re a disgusting transphobe that invaded the community underneath false pretenses.

I’m super tired and I don’t want to deal with this but I want y'all to stay safe so please please PLEASE block @bisexualdiscourser they are…. A horrible nasty and vile person



etsyfindoftheday | 2.25.17

STEAL OF THE WEEK: kids’ tee and onesie styles by thebeeandthefox

thebeeandthefox is going to be my go-to for adorable baby and mama gear if i ever decide to have a little nugget of my own — the simple font screen prints are slightly retro and 100% rad. these pieces are just $25, too.