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Things I need to see in Noblesse
  • Rai’s backstory, Frankenstein’s backstory, about their families, more details about their past. These guys are our protagonists and we don’t know much about their pasts.
  • The whole household spending more time together: going on a picnic, visiting an amusement park, having a beach vacation, etc. They’re all so precious and deserve all the happiness. Let them have happy moments as a true family after this arc.
  • More of Rai vs modern world: Rai discovering social media (we all know his Instagram, Facebook, Twitter would be showered with posts about rameyon), Rai in the karaoke, Rai in the cinema with popcorn and coke, Rai in the aqua park, Rai in the zoo, Rai driving a car for the first time (of course Franken would be next to him so he wouldn’t be directionally challenged), Rai in more casual outfits (I’m looking at you Franken, you need to take the guy shopping), Rai discovering emojis and spamming Franken with emoji texts.
  • In the future fights RK having fabulous fights from the start to the end without Rai/Franken interfering in their fights and dealing with things themselves. Let these guys shine too and show how strong they became. They have such a great potential. 
  • Bring Shinwoo & Co back. Those kids were pretty fun to have around. 
  • Muzaka visiting Frankenhouse to see how does his bestamigo live. NO but you don’t understand I have a need to see him in those pink slippers and pink apron doing Franken’s dishes. Of course doing the dishes is Franken’s ultimate revenge on Muzaka. 
  • Bad guys being very smart for a change (I count on you 1st Elder and Crombel). Please no more dumb villains with a catchphrase “how dare you???” 
  •  Raskreia fighting. I don’t remember when the last time I saw her in action. She’s The Lord, it doesn’t suit her to be just an audience. Let the girl do something.

I need to stop here, because if I’ll continue this wall of text will get longer.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Here is some cutie chibis in their pokemon costumes, ready to go door to door!

And this is my submission to our Noblesse Halloween Party :) Have you finished yours? You’ve still got time!

For those who’ve already posted theirs- don’t forget to send me the link! I’ll post a list of all who joined by Nov1 or Nov 2, at the latest. I’m looking forward to seeing/reading some lovely Noblesse stuff from you. <3

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #noblesse halloween party   (with spaces)


It should be Music of the night, but I have sly cruel plan

Cloaked under the night with nothing to suppress.

A woman and a man no more and yet no less.

And I kissed you.

And caressed you.

And the world around us fell away,

We said things in the dark, we never dared to say.

And I caught you.

And I kissed you.

And I took you.

And caressed you.

With a need to urgent to deny.

And nothing mattered then, except for you and I.

Again and then again, beneath a moonless sky.


Eminent Cartoonist RK Laxman Dies at 94 in Pune

R K Laxman, one of India’s most eminent cartoonists, has died at 94. He had been in a hospital in Pune for several days.

Mr Laxman was hospitalized earlier this month for a urinary infection. He was put on  ventilator support after multi-organ failure. He had reportedly suffered multiple strokes since 2010.

Through his iconic character of “The Common Man”, Mr Laxman targeted politicians with sly humour.
Ridwan Kamil Happiness Index Project

“Sembari menunggu monorel yang mahal, kami melakukan sesuatu yang murah tetapi bermakna." 

Kurang lebih itulah yang dikatakan oleh Pak Ridwan Kamil (RK) semalam dalam Kultum Super Mentor 3.

Kemarin banget saya ke Bandung dan memang masih ada ruas jalan yang macet. Tapi, warga Bandung, sepengamatan saya, nggak protes banget-banget ke Pak RK karena while nunggu monorel jadi–sebagai salah satu instrumen pengurai kemacetan–Pak RK tetap doing something.

Menariknya, yang dilakukan Pak RK bukan hanya semata untuk meningkatkan taraf perekonomian, infrastruktur, atau apa pun namanya yang hanya-menjadi-unsur-pendukung-hidup-manusia, tapi ia "membenahi” manusianya itu sendiri: bikin happiness index.

Di video tersebut Pak RK mengunjungi rumah salah satu warga miskin di Bandung. Program ini memang jadi program Pak RK. Terlihat warga tersebut nangis karena nggak nyangka Pak RK dateng berkunjung. 

Pak RK membidik hati. Ia ingin warganya bahagia. Bukan semata makmur, sejahtera. Kalau nunggu makmur baru bahagia, mungkin lama atau at least perlu waktu. Membuat orang lain bahagia bisa dilakukan dengan hal-hal kecil macam kunjungan ini yang memang sangat menyentuh hati. 

Pemimpin yang seperti ini butuh doa dari kita banget-banget. Doa agar ia tetap konsisten. Tetap Allah jaga. Tetap ada di koridor yang benar. Terhindar dari fitnah. Yuk, doakan.