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older and newer doodles of Rykier and Marcella, Redwood’s Happiest Couple.

Read Humanish! Where there’s less cute flirting going on and more of Marcella being a total snob to our villain. Although some might interpret that as flirting, so win-win, right?

a harmless little compilation of jimin’s recent dope adlibs (ʘ‿ʘ✿)


A1: Dr. Slug, and if White Hat really died, how would you react? A2: What would you do and how would it feel if the White Hat really died? A3:Hah, you perfectly answered that lady who “killed” the White Hat. However, if the White Hat suddenly suddenly died in some incredible way? Or, for example, disappeared somewhere. What would you do? And how would they react? I know that they have already asked about this, but still. The question is really interesting and people will ask it in the future, if not to answer it now. A4: Please remain a child for 3 questions Dr. Slug: No! He can not die! It is so?.. He … he can not die …Can not… No! Sir White Hat! Do not! Do not leave me!

Not His Father

Plot: Peter has concerns about his father and his future
Warnings: Slight angst?????, Peter Maximoff feeling negative things, babies
Word Count: 388
Note: I tried a different style this time, I’m not sure how I like it.

Originally posted by lokiyoulittle

“You’re not your father.” she whispers as he buries his face into her shoulder. After finding out who the man was, or technically is, Peter can’t help but worry that he may end up the same way. Locked up in a maximum security prison, harboring a hatred that will never die. It horrifies him what happened to his father, but the fact he could tread the same path scares him even more.

For god’s sake, the man had threatened to wipe out all of humanity on TV.  He didn’t have any idea of what the man had been through, but it had obviously not been good if he wanted to destroy humanity.

“You’re not you’re father.” she mumbles sleepily. Ever since the situation in Cairo, he can never get a good night’s sleep. He keeps seeing images of the sister he never knew he had. Knowing that his father had been able to settle down for at least ten years, then return to his destructive habits was scary to Peter. Erik Lehnsherr had tried to rebuild his life, yet it still came crumbling down.

If Erik had known that Peter and him had been related, and Peter had died, would his father react the same way he did for little Nina? Or would he just continue to let humanity destroy his life?

“You’re not you’re father.” Y/N tells him after presenting him with a positive pregnancy test. He wasn’t sure if he should be happy that him and the girl of his dreams were building a future together, or terrified of how one wrong move could result in him starting a cycle introduced by the kid’s grandfather.

He’s not sure how she always knows when he’s thinking about that.  She can’t read minds, but she just knows.  And maybe when their kid’s older, he can finally accept that he’s not his father.

“You’re not your father.” she says as she helps him hold his daughter.  He can’t help but smile when she says that.  The nervousness during the pregnancy felt like nothing compared to the nervousness he felt right now.  But as soon as he looked down at his daughter, he knew he was going to be okay.  She was going to be okay too.

I’m not my father, Peter thought to himself.

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mom how do you think anime/ nonmanga reader fans will react to Erwin's badassery in the upcoming episodes? I really wish they wont omit anything that is Erwin related. I remember my brother (huge fan of Erwin also) lost it when he read manga. He was more depressed than I was when Erwin died.

Hopefully they’ll react like I did :) 

Erwin was a slow build for me. Prior to chapter 50, He wasn’t in my top ten. I feel like the early manga presented him without dimension and season one of the anime made him appear unusually cruel. 

We may not get beardwin in the hospital this season, but we will get Erwin freeing Eren and then collapsing on the wall. I think that will make people sit up and take notice of him if they haven’t already. I’m very happy with the anime’s presentation of Erwin thus far this season. I have to believe they’ll give his remaining moments the credit the deserve. Hopefully we’ll have lots of new Erwin fans by the end of this season.

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It makes me wonder if all those laughing at Barron being scared that he thought his own father died, how would they react if Obama's daughters freaked out like that? Also if they're own kid would think that was them. Would they go "LOL you dumb!!!" Or would they go all "Think of the children!!!! :,("

They were furious when people were burning/hanging effigies of Obama, specifically because “what if his kids see this???”

But an 11yo getting death threats and then seeing a fairly realistic photo of his fathers decapitated head on TV? Thats fine lol his dads a jerk.

They don’t care about kids, they don’t care about their wellbeing or mental health.

They’re schoolyard bullies who never grew the fuck up.