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。 How to kill starlights in 1 easy step (by Cha Hakyeon):
1. VLIVE by the pool. [ ]


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The Loud House Qts or Background Characters

Pues sip, voy a usar a estas Qts para algo que tengo en mente, quien sabe puede que salga para algo mas….aparte del harem =u=

Por cierto la primera puede que sea un chico ya que no tenia pestañas en su dibujo original =O

Well yup, i gonna use this Qts for something that i have in mind, who knows they could something more….aside of the harem =u=

Btw the first Qt could be a boy since the original design dont have eyelashes =O

Crossing lines (Curtis gang x reader) (outsiders x grease) (Oneshot)

Fandom(s): Grease x The Outsiders crossover
Warnings: takes place before the death of Bob and right after Dally gets out, sorry if this is long or hard to follow, angst reader, not edited
Author: Mare
Summary: Your brother is Danny Zuko, the leader of the T-Birds, and a senior at your new school. You are a Freshman and try your best to stay out of trouble(knowing your brother’s and his gang’s track record). You meet a boy by the name of Ponyboy Curtis and befriend him. You meet his brothers and their gang. One day at a rumble your brother discovers your affiliation with the Curtis boys and you’re afraid how they will react.
Word Count:1047

Rydell High

      This is your first day and you’re a bit nervous. I mean who wouldn’t be, but you had good reason. Your brother, Danny Zuko, has quite the reputation and that can be a problem if you’re trying to make friends or get along with teachers and staff (except for Mrs.Murdock, who got along with your brother very well. He considered her his favorite teacher). You went into that place only knowing the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies and boy were you scared about it.

  “Zuko, Oh goodness not again!” you hear during homeroom attendence.

“Here” you practically jumped out of your seat so the teacher could see you weren’t your brother. The teacher looked over to see you, a girl with (a) (Y/H/C) braid(s) and converse and was relieved to see a seemingly harmless girl. You sat in your seat feeling accomplished and thought ‘This is gonna be a great school year.’

     You were walking down the hall when you saw the T-Birds walking down the hall in your direction. You were hoping that they didn’t see you and you turn and start to go another direction when you hear a “ Mini Zuko, where’re you goin?” You turn around to face the voice and you see Kenicke with his annoying grin. You simply say “To class.” and keep going. 

*Time skip* after school

         You were ecstatic you finally made it through the day, but most importantly to you you made friends(who you refused to tell your last name to). Their names are Ponyboy Curtis (who is you lab partner), Johnny Cade (who you accidentally fell on) and Two-bit Matthews (who sat next to you at lunch and wouldn’t be quiet until you two “became friends”). You were most excited because they asked you to hang out after school with them at the Dingo and meet the rest of the gang. You agreed but told them not immediately after school, you had to meet up with your brother at the Frosty Palace.

*Time skip* The Frosty Palace

    You walk in and see your brother and his friends sitting at a table eating and stuff. You wanted to make this go as fast and as smooth as possible so you say “Make it quick, I got plans after this.” When you said this you surprised all of them even the Pink Ladies came over from another table in shock. “Don’t be all surprised! You guys act like I don’t have a social life.” you say in your defense.

“That’s cuz you don’t” Kenicke says. You just roll your eyes and ignore him. You make a shooing motion towards your brother who is in a booth and he gets up for you to sit down. The moment you sit down the T-Birds and Pink Ladies are asking you all sorts of questions. ‘Who are the plans with?’ ‘Are they a boy?’ ‘Are they Socs?’ You just sit there silently and look at the clock and without a word get up and walk out.

*Time skip* The Dingo 

       You walk in and hear a “Y/N, over here.” it was Johnny. You walk over and introduce yourself (first name only of course) and begin to engage in deep conversation with each of them to find out you all have something in common. You guys start to all bond and hangout more. Your brother, Danny, starts to wonder why you aren’t hanging out with the gang anymore and every time he asks you seamlessly change the subject. You weren’t embarrassed by your friends or by your brother and his friends, you just didn’t want to start any trouble. The T-Birds are very territorial and are not afraid to pick a fight with anyone. The Curtis gang was territorial too, but more so towards Socs. Unbeknownst to you the T-Birds and the Curtises had decided to team up against the Scorpions and the Socs (who had gone all buddy buddy to each other) and they all planned a rumble.

*time skip* The Rumble

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Your brother had asked (not really asked, he told you and forced you out the house) you to come to the rumble. The Pink Ladies came also (even Sandy). It’s time for the rumble and your all are in the lot waiting. Out of nowhere you hear a familiar whoop. ‘OH GOSH’ you thought ‘Steve’. You tried to play it off and sort of succeeded but Rizzo noticed and pulled you off to the side. “What gives Jellybean?” she asks (using the nickname she gave you) “You know that voice, don’t you?” You had never been able to not tell the truth without being caught especially when talking to Rizzo. So you gave in “Yea, its Steve.” 

“Hey Y/N.“ you hear Pony’s voice say.

“Y/N, you know the T-Birds?“ Steve says.

“I think you have explaining to do Y/N“ you heard your brother say and knowing your little charade was over.

“Ok, guys I guess I haven’t been completely honest with any of you. Guys(turning to the Curtis gang) my full name is Y/N Zuko and Danny is my big brother.“ you say and turn to the T-Birds “And you guys were wonderin’ where i’ve been runnin’ off to. It’s to hang out with them. I didn’t say anything to either of you guys cuz i didn’t want to start any trouble.“ They just stand there staring at you. this goes on for a while until you get annoyed. “WILL SOMEBODY JUST SAY SOMETHING“ you yell becoming frantic.

Then you hear your brother say “(GIF above)”

“WHAT?!?!“ you yell. 

“It’s cool, baby girl no sweat.“ you hear Two say

You gave a sigh of relief to see that they were both so understanding and at ease with it all. “How you doin’ Zuke” you hear Cha Cha Di Gregorio’s annoying accented voice say. You roll your eyes and before you know it the rumble had started.

By the time it finished you knew you would have to patch up both gangs, but you didn’t mind. Because they were your family no matter how aggravating they could both be. And much to your surprise they got along fairly well and you loved that. Boy, this really was gonna be a good year!

The End.