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You people are making Mono sad! Is it okay if I give little Mono a hug? Would that be okay?

They aren’t trying to make him sad on purpose. The kid’s a burning wreck kek. He should be banned from crayons and paint for life. Just sculpt because he’s too sensitive about his blue grass and green suns.

And, I’d advise against it.

If you want to make the kid happy again, just give him sugar and don’t ask questions that focus on his drawings or lack thereof. To upset him even worse, make fun of his colourblindness!

It’s fun for me either way. Hooray, everybody wins! :)

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Do you have any Tumblr friends?


@morgrims is my platonic soulmate/best friend For Life, @biharry is my sweetheart gf, @saladtsar is a lovely person & supports my glass animals endeavours, @loqhart is a beautiful tropical fish, @gothicmalfoy is nice but owns cows for no reason so like ? what the fuck? and @scvrhead​ is so cool im vaguely afraid to talk to him sometimes

also @riiverdale but theyre my sister irl so idk if that counts as a Tumblr Friend ? lmao??? i love them tho

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How long have you known each other for? And do you have any childhood friends you still keep in touch with?

| Photo translation | Lupis: We’ve known each other for a very long time. |

Lupis and Draco: ……

| Photo translation | Draco: Her name was Emerald. |

Draco: She was my sibling. I haven’t seen her since I was a charmander.


David was lying in “Jasper Dies At The End”

So it’s general assumption that the story David told in “Jasper Dies At The End” was a complete lie and, not gonna lie? There is SO MUCH evidence for this.

Take note of how everything is oddly exaggerated and unnatural in the story

The way the counselors say “Oh no! Not Davey!” “He’s such a troublemaker!” sounds very. Exaggerated. Like they’re reacting to a Saturday Morning Cartoon villain. 

David’s “trouble making” actions are also the sort of things David would see as problems. Insulting nature, using words like “dang”, littering, etc. 
Plus the way one of the current counselors says ”Oh Davey! You have so much potential! If only you would apply yourself!”
It REALLY sounds like David is trying to make an impression on Max, or send him some sort of message.

Take David’s childhood actions versus Max’s.
David says dang, litters, and insults nature
Max swears like a sailor, literally starts a camp revolt, and tries to run away a lot.
These sort of things would fly over David’s head and just come off as a grumpy kid who hates nature,

But David’s behavior isn’t the only thing he lied about. I think he also lied about how Jasper died.

The scars on his chest from the bear attack are parallel to a few scratches from the photo in episode 11. Not to mention how as a ghost, whenever he’s scared Jasper tends to cover up his chest:

These wounds were left open for the entire night, there’s NO WAY Jasper would’ve survived that. Either Jasper had died in the bear cave, or on his way back to the camp.
Additionally, according to David’s story that picture in episode 11 would not be accurate. If David really WAS a grumpy troublesome kid, he wouldn’t be smiling in it. However if the picture was taken AFTER this event, Jasper wouldn’t be smiling because he said he thinks the camp sucks at the end of the episode.

I’m absolutely POSITIVE that David lied about this entire story. He was never a trouble maker and Jasper did NOT survive that bear attack. But why lie? Well, the kids asked why he got that medallion. 

He can’t say he doesn’t want to talk about it, that’d seem suspicious. So why not lie to protect these poor innocent children from the truth of your childhood friends gruesome death, while avoiding sounding suspicious? Maybe the truth is that medallion belong to his old friend Jasper, and he didn’t want to let it go as it serves as a reminder of their good times together.

Additional notes I didn’t have any idea where I should put this in:

-The episode title is a lie. “Jasper Dies At The End”. That doesn’t happen. Jasper in this story does not die. Just like David’s story, the title of this is a lie, and our storyteller is an unreliable narrator.
-Maybe it was just a joke but child David’s voice seriously sounds like an older man attempting to do an impression of a small boy. It could be a hint towards this just being a made up story, or I’m just over analyzing and this is just a joke for the episode. Who knows!

TL;DR: David’s story in Jasper Dies At The End was a HUGE lie and Jasper died because of the bear attack. There are multiple contradictions and oddly exaggerated points within the episode that support this.

I wanna know how ridiculous Tim’s excuses for broken bones/other obvious injuries get when he’s out in public?? like I bet he makes up increasingly wild and fantastic stories and the press just eats it up.

“Mr Drake! Tell us how you broke your hand!”
“Hm? Oh, see, so Bruce and I went on a trip to Alaska! Long story short, I punched a bear that was getting a little too close for comfort, haha.”


Thorin, Thorin, wake up. The eagles…the eagles…the eagles are here.