Here is another cool music video from season two, featuring Katie Herzig and her beautiful “Telegraph Song”!

Do you want to talk about our Lord and Savior Sunset Shimmer?

Of course you do what kind of question is that? Anyway… I’ll be talking about a subject that’s been speculated on the surface by many, but never deeply delved into: Sunset Shimmer’s design change.

Everyone should know by now that between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games, Sunset’s hair changed color. Namely, the red slightly desaturated and the yellow paled a lot in comparison. Sure, most people wrote it off as “the character designers wanted to put out color choices that were more pleasing to the eye”, and I believed that for a long while. But then, while rewatching the original Equestria Girls, I noticed something.

Now, being an artist and animator, I’ll pick visual elements apart until they can’t be picked apart anymore, and then I’ll pick them apart again and again. Now, in the first movie, we caught a glimpse of Pony!Sunset Shimmer. However, we didn’t see a single rendition of her in the light, only in darkness. So naturally, I’m sure many people just assumed that in the light, her hair would just be the same color as it is in the human world. But, upon looking closer:

They’re clearly not the same shade of yellow in the dark. Using the color picker, I masked the screenshot of Human!Sunset with the same shade of blue that DHX (presumably) used in the first image. The reds and eyes matched up almost identical, the only main difference being skin vs coat color, but all of the EQG characters have lighter skin tones than their pony counterparts, so it makes sense that the same would apply to Sunset.

However, this means DHX knew what they were doing from the start. Sunset’s hair changing color wasn’t just a design change - it meant something. Even the comics took that into play.

My theory is that when Sunset transferred herself to the Mirror World, the darkness in her heart took a physical effect on her. I mean, it’s been done before - may I remind you of Nightmare Moon? Magic does stuff to ya, it’s canon. It didn’t do much, not nearly as much as NMM, possibly because while she was doing it she knew deep down she was wrong? Or maybe she wasn’t fully consumed because… Underneath all of this she was sort of being protected by the Elements of Harmony - nature knew she’d one day create her own Element, Empathy? I dunno!

But yeah, like many others I believe this song was the turning point to her physical change - would’ve been cool if it changed during the song, imagine how rad that would be. Maybe DHX is still trying to hide something from us. Or, y’know, it’s always possible I’m reading too much into this. But my main point of this was…

This was planned.

They planned this.

It wasn’t just a write-off design change, this is legitimately canon.

Countdown time!! Packages From Planet X will be premiering on Disney XD NEXT SATURDAY MORNING!  This show was really a labor of love for a lot of us on the crew, and I hope you guys like watching as much as I loved being able to work on it! ^u^


Can we please stop pretending Sunset Shimmer was always a misunderstood cinnamon roll?

I feel like people have forgotten the beauty of Sunset’s entire arc and her redemption. They act like Sunset was always this poor misunderstood cinnamon roll and celestia was a big meanie. Like…No. Sunset age-wise should be in her mid-20′s and possibly older than Twilight. The portal gave her a teenage looking body because, well, marketing and high school AU, but think about that. This is a grown adult that got pleasure from hurting children. That got enjoyment out of manipulating people and destroyed the friendship of the humane 5 just for fun and nothing else before Twilight showed up. Her backstory was that of an entitled brat that didn’t get what she wanted fast enough, had a temper tantrum and left, blaming all her problems on everyone but HERSELF. There’s a reason why the students didn’t like her. They had a lot of reasons why. People seem to forget that she tormented students for for FUN.

Sunset. was. AWFUL. Ignoring that ignores the beauty of her story. Sunset was an awful person that became more. She learned actual compassion. She learned friendship and learned that she can’t get everything she wants. THAT is the sunset I love. The Sunset that started off as an awful person and became the element of redemption and empathy. 

The fans were the ones that picked apart her backstory and added more layers to it but remember, it was the FANS. Not hasbro or DHX or any of the writers. Meanwhile, a fan tries to go into Starlight’s backstory and analyze her behavior in a positive light and someone comes flying in to tell you that they’re just “reaching” or whatever because only Sunset gets to have fans add more to her backstory and character.

This is not an anti-sunset shimmer post. This is a post that is celebrating her actual development that so many others ignore. Sunset didn’t start out a good person, she BECAME a good person and I think that makes her a way more inspiring and strong character. There’s nothing wrong with adding more to a character, creating headcanons, theories, etc. but don’t ignore what made Sunset such a great representation of redemption, not unlike Starlight. Both of them were awful people that became better.

Sunny came a long way and dug her way out of a deep, deep hole that she dug. The past may not be today, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Sunset, I love you for stepping up and becoming more than an entitled sadistic brat. That’s what truly makes you an inspiration.

anonymous asked:

Hey um, I've been wanting to become an animator for years now, in fact I've been working on my own original cartoon! But I don't know how to move into the world of animation. I'd really appreciate if you could give me some tips! I love you art so much! It's got a fun creative style about it 😆

Well, I’m glad to hear you like my art!  Unfortunately I don’t have a very good answer for your question – it’s a taaaad broad, so it’d be helpful if you had more specific questions for me to answer.  For now, I’ll do my best.

Number one, as I’ve said before, WORK ON YOUR PORTFOLIO.  Keep drawing, CONSTANTLY.  Obviously don’t wear yourself out, but don’t let yourself slack off too much!  Draw with the intent of getting better, and try out styles you’ve never tried before, and keep searching for your own style until you feel like you’ve got it… and then, search some more.  You will never be done learning how to improve, and you’ll never be done improving either.

You’ve got a pet project, eh?  GOOD.  Work on it.  Develop it.  Keep it in your back pocket, let yourself fall in love with it, and whatever you do, DO NOT get too glued to how it is at any one time.  You’ve gotta let it grow and get better – and sometimes, what somebody else suggests might just be the missing piece you didn’t even know you needed.

As for breaking into the industry… it’s both as difficult as it’s made out to be and much easier.  Look for the studios that are actually doing the animation, not necessarily at Nickelodeon or Disney or Cartoon Network proper.  Those are… VERY difficult to break into, and nearly impossible for newcomers to the industry.  Look for studios like Copernicus, DHX, Mercury – those are the ones being commissioned by the bigger networks to actually make the shows you see on TV.  Very few of them are done in-house by the companies you associate with them!  We at Copernicus handle Pickle & Peanut for Disney and Teen Titans Go for Cartoon Network, for example, as well as a handful of other projects I’m legally not allowed to disclose.

Apply online.  Even while you’re in school, apply.  Even if you’re not ready to make the move, or even if you’re not sure you meet ALL of the requirements for the job, apply.  Even if you don’t know Toon Boom Harmony, APPLY.  (Some studios will teach you the program on the job, but you can always learn on your own!  And you gotta be willing to take that initiative!)

Look for which ones are recruiting at which times, which studios need what positions, so on and so forth.  Many of them are looking for fresh-outta-college students, believe it or not… and remember: YOU CAN MOVE TO WHERE THE WORK IS.  Even if it’s inconvenient, YOU CAN MOVE.  That has to be your answer.  Do you have transportation?  YES.  Use a bike.  Use public transit.  But you DO have transportation, and that has to be your answer.  Offer to work remotely.  Let them know you’re interested in whatever positions they have open, and keep track of where you’ve applied so that you can follow up later.

In the meanwhile, look for internships.  Make connections.  Share your art, improve your art, MAAAAKE CONNECTIONS good golly Miss Molly that is so important.  Talk to the artists online that you admire.  Chat up a few guests at conventions.  Talk to people about your interests and exploits – you never know who knows who.  Remember, your connections will come from the unlikeliest of places.  (Case in point: one of my friends is a former senior Disney animator who I met at a convention… while I was in costume, and while he didn’t even know about the convention.  His wife had called me and my pal @summer-of-the-shinx over for drinks, and we just found out about the coincidence that way.)

And seriously – DO NOT STOP DOING WHAT YOU LOVE.  This industry is HARD on people – hard on the aspiring artists, hard on the workers, hard on even the seniors.  It’s not as easy as getting your foot in the door and then you’re in – it’s more like a series of doors, and you gotta keep looking for the next door and forcing your way through it.