desperate housewives rewatch; season one, episode five.

every neighborhood has a woman like alberta frome, and every woman like mrs. frome has a cat. when she traveled, mrs. frome would arrange for friends to look after her beloved pet. this time however, she was forced to ask her neighbor susan mayer. mrs. frome liked susan, but it was common knowledge on wisteria lane where susan mayer went, bad luck was sure to follow. 

desperate housewives rewatch; season one, episode seven.

competition – it means different things to different people. in suburbia, it means keeping up with the joneses. on wisteria lane, that means keeping up with bree van de kamp. everyone knew bree had the nicest lawn in the neighborhood, and no one begrudged her this. no one, that is, except martha huber, whose own lawn paled in comparison. 

desperate housewives rewatch; season one, episode ten.

to understand maisy gibbons, you first need to know how she spent her afternoons. her mornings were spent running errands for her husband, her evenings were spent washing dishes, and helping with homework. but her afternoons – well, they were spent in the company of men. frustrated.. misunderstood.. lonely men, willing to pay money to feel a little less lonely. and maisy gibbons was willing to help them.

desperate housewives rewatch; season one, episode nine.

gabrielle was waiting for her next great idea. her first great idea came when she was 15, after her stepfather paid her a late night visit. she bought a bus ticket to new york the very next day. her next occurred five years later when she decided to seduce a famous fashion photographer. one week later, she began her career as a runway model, which soon led to her next great idea – her decision to marry carlos solis. before she knew it, she had jumped off the runway and moved to the suburbs. 

desperate housewives rewatch; season one, episode three.

after i died, i began to surrender the parts of myself that were no longer necessary; my desires, beliefs, ambitions, doubts, every trace of my humanity was discarded. you see, i feel, when moving through eternity it helps to travel lightly. in fact, i held on to only one thing, my memory. it's astonishing to look back on the world i left behind. i remember it all – every single detail.