dhonny ross


Flash Forward Friday (it’s legitimately Friday on the east coast so it works)

As usual, Kiki and I were talking about our faves, Koi and Devyn and their entire saga, including their new little bundle of joy, Dahlia. AND OF COURSE, we started plotting with Dahlia and…sigh. One thing led to another and somehow she got matched with Koi’s best friend’s future son, Rennes Ross. So…here he is. Rennes is pictured at the top and his parents are pictured below (Dhruv (Dhonny) Ross & Siobhan Van Fallon-Ross) 

We obviously haven’t plotted beyond the first generation, but it was SO MUCH fun making Dhonny and Siobhan’s son…even though they still LOATHE each other in RP lol!