Septermber 26th, 2016

Dear diary, 

Today I went to the bakery to grab a bite of cake for me and Rich. We wanted to celebrate the wonderful run of LoveLoveLove the first week, so I thought I’d choose something special!

I had quite a bit of luck, because there where some cookies lying around which looked extremely tasty! They had a chocolate icing and seemed to be stuffed with some sort of cream! I nearly started to slobber when I saw them! :D

I asked for ten of them, so Richard and I could share, and with the cookies and the cake, I went home proudly.

At home I showed my prey to Rich who was also really amazed by my cookies! We totally ignored the cake, only the cookies counted! But when we reached the last ones, there was a moment of shock! The baker gave me eleven cookies! And now we had to decide who would get the last one. D:

Richard suggested we’d share, and of course I agreed! Yet he made the mistake of handing it to me first… and I broke off a tiny little bit with my fingers and gave it to him, and kept all the rest for myself.

I used the moment when Rich stood there with an open mouth, not realizing what just had happend and ran away with my bigger part of the cookie into our bedroom. There I ate it quickly :D I am so, so evil sometimes.

I hope Rich will forgive me later….but by now I prefer to stay here :D



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woe to YOU who EVADE the HORIZON
woe to ALL who STOP at the HORIZON

Sagen - Nightwish

in space no one can hear you sadnug


Nightengale Needles BJD Doll Newsies Hats restocked on Etsy!

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Bungou Stray Dogs (文豪ストレイドッグス)

Ranpo Edogawa, Kyouka Izumi, and Atsushi Nakajima enjoy the beauty of the autumn leaves in this sweet Animage Magazine (Amazon US | Japan) poster from the Ocotber issue, illustrated by key animator Ayumi Abe (阿部愛由美).


Oh My Little Jyushiko! (Kara&Sisters AU)

The answer to that, anon, is YES. (And thank you!♥)

Just some silly strips featuring Karamatsu and his sister, Jyushiko! Boy or girl, his relationship with Jyushi isn’t actually all that different. OuO

Anyway, some time this week I will probably create a masterpost for this AU. Then, next Monday, we will begin another multiple part arc in this AU, so please look forward to that~! ;D