Walking Gods cast (or at least some of ‘em).  photoshop.

Whoops, this slowly appeared over the course of the past week.  A lot of these guys I haven’t drawn in literally years.  For those curious, Noalle is a sibyl and Kaia’s friend.  Haldae is a scary dragon.  Círran is a flower farmer.  Oria is the god of the harvest. (more information about this story here)

If the CUTTINGS kickstarter hits its next goal (adding SIXTEEN pages of content), there’s a really good chance this’ll be included in the book!  It only has 8 days to go, aaa!  Thank you so much again to everyone who’s supported the project!!

2014 monthly art meme. (2013201220112010)

MAN 2014 was rough, I’m amazed there was enough color art to fill every month!  I’ve been dealing with repetitive stress injuries for a couple years which finally became impossible to ignore around the middle of the year.  Saw a half-dozen doctors in as many months, then had to take a few months off (and in that time tried to work off-handed— then over-stressed that hand too.)  I’ve been going to physical therapy for a while now and am back at maybe 50-60% capacity?

Anyway, sorry it’s been slow here!  Lately I’ve culled down the amount I work in a day and have had to concentrate on paid work over fun things and side-projects.  Here’s to 2015 and (hopefully) recovery.

Hm, I drew a lot of wolves in 2014.

Dhio and Kaia for aidosaur!!!!!!!! Guys I have been following these characters for YEARS and have been eating up her hermetic museum/tarot/alchemy type illustrations that she’s been doing with them for the past ~months. I think I might draw more of them, in hopes that I will get to see/read more ??????? It has more than a few of my favorite things/tropes going on in their story ssssoooooo….