monstrous, hungry gods.  pencil, photoshop.

Drew this on the plane headed to ECCC.  I guess it’s a spiritual successor to the Dhio Journal Comic from a while back?  Been thinkin’ a lot about my pantheon of prehistoric beast gods lately!  Some day I won’t be working on four big projects simultaneously and will have the time to do a proper comic about these guysss

Dhio and his lovely wife.  Pencil sketch, colored in Photoshop.

Continuing in the same series of doodles as the last drawing, Dhio and Kaia.  Kaia is the one god of the Simurran pantheon who didn’t start out as a prehistoric beast.  (It’s a long story.)  Anyway, the two are married.  It’s less odd when Dhio takes the shape of a man, but I love drawing these two with a Strength tarot card-themed imagery.

there was a great shadow in the wood.  ballpoint pen, pencil, photoshop.

Drew this while traveling!  Also: hello everyone, I have returned from traveling!  I hope you had a good time while I was away.

I had a small procedure done on my dominant hand last week so I can’t do a whole lot in the way of drawing or typing.  Please excuse me if I’m absent from the internet for a little bit!

Dhio as a hyaenodon.  Pencil sketch, colored in photoshop.

Yeek, sorry for disappearing for a bit.  I’ve been pretty quiet on all fronts while we got the J*W vol.2 out the door.  Looks like it’s finally done?  We’ll see what the printers have to say.

Dhio is the god of smithery from some pantheon I made up while in high school.  (You might remember him from his crest and some other odd doodles.)  This is what the dude actually looks like, a giant prehistoric dog more or less based on a hyaenodon.  He can look like a man too, but I haven’t really been drawing him as such lately, hmm.

Naptime for Beasts (North, Kaia, and Dhio).  pencil sketch, touched up and colored in photoshop.

Whelp, looks like I’m still doodling these guys everywhere.  Guess this makes three in the series now?  I promise I’ve actually redesigned some other old pantheon gods, I’m just really partial to these fellas.

Things might get a little slow during December.  There’s some pretty crazy stuff coming up for me.

Crest of the Iron God, part II.  Photoshop.

Oh hey, I did this months ago during that heraldry kick and completely forgot about it.  Dhio’s crest from his brief stint as a death god.  Granted, he was never anything more than the god of smithery but never bothered to tell anyone otherwise, and then the human sacrifice started and it all went downhill from there.

Fun fact: Dhio was originally (and very unoriginally, nyuk nyuk) and riff on Anubis.  A god who was never really a Death God who wound up being framed as one anyway.  He’s just a specialty artisan, and is good at what he does.  Sometimes you can really tell I made these guys in high school.

Listen, you guys should probably get cozy because I don’t see this Old Pantheon kick ending any time soon.

Crest of the Goddess of the Healing Flame.  Photoshop.

The last personal pantheon crest went over well and I’m a sucker for doing stuff like this.  So here’s another one!

Kaia is the red maiden, goddess of the hearth and healing, domesticator of animals, secondary god to the eastern sun goddess.  Kaia is the newest and youngest god of the pantheon, a priestess elevated to godhood after the former secondary fire god made a series of increasingly terrible decisions.  The black dog (Dhio) and the drake on her crest signify the first of her miracles.  The beasts are facing inward, looking to the woman for protection.  In the rare instances they are facing outward, the flag is a battle standard.

Some time after her ascension to godhood, Kaia and Dhio wed– an event marking the end of his worship as a death god.