Favorite DHES: Ledah, Riviera: The Promised Land

"And with me in this condition, you were such a hindrance that there was nothing I could do. As I watched you with your doubts, your worries, and your thoughts, I felt impulses that were similar to anger. But their root wasn’t anger at all. I think I may have been jealous of you. You, who started out as easy to cut down as a single thread, but slowly developed the power to strike out on your own… Ecthel… If it’s you… If it’s you, there might still… be something you can do… To obtain the answers I could not search for on any mission, no matter how long and hard I thought without emotions…"


Shqipëria natyrale - Ethnic Albania

Shqipëria natyrale është krejt hapësira gjeografike shqipfolëse, ku banojnë shqiptarët sot me shumicë, ku është vendlindja e shqiptarëve me shumicë dhe ku u dëbuan nga vendbanimet e tyre etnike

Ethnic Albania is a term used primarily by Albanians to denote the territories as the traditional homeland of the ethnic Albanians. In addition to the existing Albania, the term incorporates claims to regions in the neighbouring states, the areas include Kosovo and the Presheva Valley, territories in southern Montenegro (Ulqin, Tuzi, Plava) northwestern Greece (Preveza, Janina, Arta) referred by Albanians as Chameria and a part of western Macedonia (Tetova, Struga, Shkupi).

Shqiperia madhe very soon!

1. Albania

2. Malesia

3. Cameria

4. Kosovo

5. Ilirida