Alright, so this is 2014 my follow forever… I can’t believe another year is ending and again I’m here thanking all of you for spending your time with me. Each one of you made a part of this year special… Such an important year in my life and AGAIN I want to thank y'all. If you are not here, please forgive me and whoop my ass!!!

OKay so I will talk about some of you… hope it’s not weird uhhhh

radiantmalik dheni ok so U FAKE ASS (aka main bitch) is making me do a paragraph for u I can’t belieb… honestly thank you so much for being a part of my life now even though we hate each other sometimes and shit because you are annoying as hell but surprisingly i still fuck with you?? how’s this ♥

downyboys lauren you are a flower… a piece of cake on a rainy day… a popsicle in the brazilian summer, i love you! thank you for making me smile throughout the year, for being my silly koala ♥

cupstyles thank you for being one of my best friends irl, thank you for holding me while i cried… for being there with me when harry spat on our face lmaooo i love you loads ♥

zaynspigtails joy… my longest mutual? maybe? idk because ur ass deleted like 741 times but we still here because we are unbreakable… (ps.: don’t forget i know things, i know what you did last summer) ♥

zayntaclause ida you have no idea how much i like you, i just kind of sit here and admire your blog… i truly feel something about you, it’s like i know you like me back? the fuk? i can feel your good energy from here and you’re like at the other side of the world so that’s a huge thing ♥

ellaeyer katie i stan for u so hard… whenever i see your selfies on my dash i’m like “goooo katie slay me” and i always forget you’re like 15 hours ahead from me so you’re basically living in the future (pretend i never said that) ♥

harryisbasic mina how dare u change ur url.. but yeah I HAD TO give you a special shoutout because one of the most tragic shit that happened this year was my laptop being indirectly broken by you so i had to… i fucking had to put you here, love u! ♥ (ps.: don’t change your zourry tag never NEVER)

santamaliks deni whenever you appear on my dash is like the sun is shining brighter… i love your skin and the way you talk to people! (and again i know i said it like 80 times but you could have liam in a blink of an eye) ♥

zayns1d jalina you understand the struggle of being a zayn girl and also a daddy harry enthusiast.. cheers for our fake asses.. ily ♥

also i love aaaaall of u my beautiful mutuals

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So that’s it! If I forgot you, it’s probably because you changed ur url maybe and idk who you are anymore? drag me if i do it. ILY ALL.