@corvidmage and @passionate-shepherd the full scene:

Hela: So what’s the plan?

King Loki: Kidnap

Hela: Who?

King Loki, pointing vaguely at youngsters’ table: Them

Hela: Them who? Young me or young you? Both? Is this a corruption thing? Do we take the mortal girl for blackmailing? What?

King Loki: No, no, we just like–you know, take them

Hela: For what

King Loki: …

Hela: …

King Loki: Stuff

Hela: You just want the company don’t you

King Loki: Pfft, what, no, no no no, it’s totally for evil things. Honest, I– -phone pings- hold on

Hela: Who the fuck could possibly be calling you? I am literally the only other living thing willing to stand within twenty feet of you

King Loki, reading his phone: -elated gasp-

Hela: What?

King Loki: I got a friend request!

Hela: From who??

King Loki: Me!

Hela: What?

Loki, God of Stories, waving from table of distinctly less enthused BFFs: :D

King Loki, peeling entire face off to reveal Agent of Asgard 1.0, vaulting the table to join the youths: :D

Hela: what


Loki, taking phone out again: Okay now for Hela–

Leah, stealing phone, crushing it, setting it on fire, turning the ashes into a diamond, firing diamond into a black hole: No

Loki: Aw

King Loki: Aw

Verity: Do they serve alcoholic milkshakes here?