A while ago when I was doing show requests for OT3s, djcrumrine kept suggesting I do LOST, so I rewatched ALL 6 SEASONS OF LOST in order to bring you all what I consider the best and most likely OT3s of the entire series.

So we have (from left to right, top to bottom):

  • OT3: If we could somehow combine season 1 Jack and season 3 Sawyer to save Kate from love triangle HELL.
  • OT3: Kate had way more UST with Sun than that weird period of time they were trying to push Sun/Michael as a thing
  • OT3: Island parents squad
  • Charlie Support Group OT3s: comes in Hurley or Desmond versions
  • OT3: “Not Penny’s Boat” freighter nerds
  • OT3: Daniel’s constants
  • Dharmaville Is Hella Gay OT3s: ft. Miles and Kate