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This is for the anon who asked about Star Wars fabrics: I'm in a couple of SW costuming groups and a lot of the fabric (especially for Jedi) is rumoured to come from Dharma Trading. I bought all of my Rey fabric from there to hand-dye and I think a lot of people in the Rebel Legion use them for their materials for their Jedi cosplays as well.

Thanks, Anon!

Dharma has a lot of different options that could work (including gauzes, which were mentioned in some of the linked sites), and it would make sense, considering their prominence in the world of dyeable fabrics and silks and their proximity to Lucasfilm in Marin County.

I hope our Jedi anon sees this!

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  1. Sana by Up Dharma Down
  2. All I Got by RAC, Peter Moren
  3. Skeletons by JR JR
  4. Something by The Beatles
  5. Pret a Porter by Emilie Mover
  6. Ligaya by Eraserheads
  7. The Next Time Around by Little Joy
  8. Up&Up by Coldplay
  9. A 1000 Times by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
  10. When They Fight, They Fight by Generationals

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From the band’s 1972 record company biography (most likely written by manager/co-producer/lyricist Sandy Pearlman):

“Since the eclipses at Oaxaca, ‘Transmaniacon’ (‘across all madness’) has become the group’s theme. If their vision was somewhat darkened by the experience, so were their musical concepts: the first eight songs on their debut Columbia album, Blue Öyster Cult, deal primarily with violence and murder. 'Transmaniacon MC’ is about bikers (MC= Mototrcycle Club) whose hogs were jostled, the results being the chaos that followed. 'I’m On The Lamb But I Ain’t No Sheep’ has a well-defined political connotation inborn, and concerns scandals within the storied halls of Columbia University, which fleeced a number of parents and students during the mid-'50s. 'Then Came The Last Days Of May’ is the resurrection ballad inspired by four Stoney Brook drug dealers who were bumped off in Arizona before they could stash the loot.”

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➡Relationship status: single 

➡Lipstick or Chapstick: both but i mostly use chapstick

➡Last song I listened to: California Dreain’ by the mamas and the papas

➡Last movie I watched: Red Dragon

➡Top 3 TV shows: The Office, Forensic Files, and Its Always Sunny in Philidelphia 

➡Top 3 Characters: Kylo Ren, Otis Driftwood, Charlie Kelly 

➡Top 3 ships: im not really into a lot of ships or anything but i guess i can kinda get behind the Reylo ship.

➡Books I like reading: ahh i have so many, my favorites of all time though are Cannery Row, Cider House Rules, Siddartha, Letters to a Young Poet, Girl Inturrupted, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, 1984, Of Mice and Men, Travelling Mercies, If you Feel Too Much, Silence of the Lambs, The Shining, Travels with Charlie, Dharma Bums. i could honestly go on forever but those are my top. 

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Vow of a Bodhisattva

There are innumerable sentient beings in the universe; 

I vow to help them all awaken.

My imperfections are inexhaustible; 

I vow to overcome them all.

The Dharma is unknowable; 

I vow to know it.

The way to awakening is unattainable; 

I vow to attain it.

just an update...

Been gone for a week, I went to a Dharma Practice/Meditation course. I thought it’d help me with the mess in my head but not really, lol. But I’m sure it’s because of me unable to focus on it enough, given my health issue and state of mind.

Is anyone religious here? Atheist?  Agnostic? Spiritualist? Naturalist? I wonder how people in BH6 fandom deal with frustration. How to not think about things that bother you. If anyone has some answers for me, I’d appreciate it. I asked about this in DA with ROTG fandom before and some answers really helped me going.

That aside, I just want to update that I’ll be posting Hidashi fancomics again after I’m done with the fancomics for an upcoming con in my country. After May 10th, my deathline. I’m still having so much to draw about Hidahi >< I can’t even stop thinking when I was in the Meditation Course :P (even thought about evil Tadashi doing cruel things to Hiro)

Meanwhile, these are things I’m working on for Movies Carnival Con:

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i would like to convert into buddhism but i have no idea how to, do i also have to be vegan to convert? would mean so much if you could answer!

Dear One! I’m really glad to know that you are interested in Buddhism. You really don’t have to convert to Buddhism. Buddhism is more about the spirit and practice, rather than converting. You could belong to any religion, still you can practice Buddha’s teachings. And Buddha said it himself, rather than respecting me or revering me, if you practice my teachings (Dharma), i shall be more happy.

Start small, read some buddhist books (traditional, as well as some new ones). If it’s possible, attend some discourses or discussions, where you stay. You can find great books for beginners, if you google them. There are some great sages/masters like Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh and so forth. They have given their teachings via their books, which are so beneficial for people who want to practice Buddhism in day to day life.

Now, as far as going vegan. If you eat meat just for the sake of taste, then try eating vegetarian food once in awhile. Try reducing your meat intake. See if you can survive by not eating meat. Eating nutritious food and taking care of yourself is also important. So act wisely and skillfully. Vegans are phenomenal people, so caring about other beings. I have utmost respect for them. Since, killing or harming other beings (from an ant to an elephant) is against Buddhist ethics, hence Buddhists don’t consume non-vegetarian food (but some still do; everyone is different in their approach).

So here you go, i hope this is helpful and makes sense. Thank you for asking. Take care! Peace and love to you Dear One.

I found a pair of really nice suede shoes at the thrift store for $2. Unfortunately they didn’t work for what I had in mined. However, I thought they would be perfect as a test for dyeing suede. I got some Angules suede dye from Dharma Trading Company, I think I spent about $14 total for both the black and red dye.

It was so easy to work with and created such  beautiful colors.  It took about 1 full bottle of black and ¾ a bottle of red to create my Harley Quinn boots.  I probable could have gotten away with only  1/2 bottle of each color but the fringe trim required a lot of dye to make sure both sides where covered. I was worried that when I applied the dye it would look streaky but I use the cotton swab that was included for application, put on 2 coats of dye and the end result looked fantastic.