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I live in an area where the craft stores that do sell fabric focus primarily on patterned fabrics for quilters (meaning lots of polar fleece and lots of prints that are inappropriate for cosplay purposes) with a very limited selection of regular fabrics for clothing. Fabrickind, what are your recommendations for online fabric purchasing sites? (i.e. places that provide good swatches and tend to have good selection/quality)

Hello there!

Honestly? I tend to by fabric type rather than specific stores when shopping online for fabric. I know, not that helpful. I tend to spend a lot of time combing over various google results for the exact fabric I’m looking for (often with multiple searches that try different keywords). I’ve also been buying fabric for pretty cheap on Etsy these days, which sounds odd, but many shops do swatches there, so it’s an option.

For stretch materials, I go straight to Spandex World (which is where I get most of my spandex knits), and then to Spandex House. For things like vinyl (or if I ever get into working with latex), MJ Trends. I know I’ve gotten swatches from Spandex World before.

For silks and dyeables, you can’t beat Dharma Trading Co. I’m lucky enough to live within driving distance of them, so I can’t speak to their online ordering and how good it is, but they do have swatches available.

Trim Fabric looks super sketchy but I’ve bought from there with no problems, and they do swatches of some of their fabrics. This is where I got the two crepes I used for Juri and for Lady Oscar’s breeches.

For corsetry supplies, http://corsetmaking.com/ and Richard the Thread are good.

Otherwise, I’ve heard good things about and/or remember browsing at some point: 

I hope that helps! I don’t do a ton of online fabric shopping, but these are some of my go-to places if I ever do. Mostly, I only end up shopping online if I need something that’s uncommon, so I bet the more general links at the very bottom will be more useful to you.

If anyone else has suggestions, feel free to comment with them. :]

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Sharing my skirt progress for Art Nouveau Sheik! Both fabrics are silk chiffon from Dharma Trading Co. The top layer was gradient dyed with three shades of acid dye (also from Dharma), a process that took three hours in total! I was so happy with the dye job that I ended up modifying @driftingbystars’ original design for the top skirt because I couldn’t bear the thought of slicing into it. xD

I’m so excited to see this full costume come together for Katsu next weekend! All that’s left are the shoes, which I’ll be tackling today. Seven days to go; we got this, fam~! *O*

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Sorry to bother you, just a quick follow up question. I only wear long flowing skirts in either black or some kind of black striped pattern. I tend to go for cotton or rayon, but it's so hard to find a properly opaque garment or even a properly opaque slip (why they manufacture sheer slips is beyond me, but here we are). Currently I'm just layering slips and hoping beyond hope that my quality ones last for pretty much ever. Anyway do you have any advice for this sartorial problem?

Since I always wear petticoats under my skirts, it hasn’t been a problem for me.  But maybe using another long black rayon skirt as an underlayer? It looks like Dharma Trading Co. has a good basic black skirt that would be a good layering piece.

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Priority #3 (thanks for answering by the way! sorry to hear there was something going on! i hope it's alright now!) I'm super confused on how to do Tracer's leggings? I'm kind of thinking about dying the tights? But I'm still nervous about going about it rip. Do you have any suggestions?

Hi @wikianswers,

I’ve gradient dyed leggings similar to Tracer’s before. I’d look into some cotton leggings or stirrup pants for the base.

There are 2 methods for gradient dyeing that I like: slow immersion and separate dye baths.

There are lots of tutorials  online regarding how to to dye like this, I’ll try to break it down as best as I can. With slow immersion you start with the leggings in the lightest color you want them. In your case bright yellow. You make sure the the area that you don’t want dyed is carefully covered. I like to seal off that area with a plastic bag and tape. The you slowly dip the  the leggings into the dye bath. Dunk the area that needs to be lightly orange in a few times and the keep the area that needs to be bright orange submerged the longest.

Or you could set up different dye baths with varying amounts of orange dye in it and submerge the leggings up to a certain point with. Example: pot one has only a few drops of orange dye in it. You would submerge the legging up to mid-thigh, pot 2 has a few more drops of dye and you would submerge up to the knee etc.

With how bright tracers leggings are I’d recommend looking into Acid dye.  You can get this from Dharma Trading company.

You will need to a complementary brown stretch fabric (I recommend 4 way stretch) for the panel on the side. I might try looking at spandexworld.com (fair warning, they aren’t the cheapest but if you need weird stretch fabrics they are a great resource) for fabrics that might work. You might be able to find another pair of leggings in brown too for cheap to use as parts. Save the yellow and orange fabric you cut away for the brown panel for the loops  to create the lacing. Perhaps try elastic cording for the laces?

I hope some of that helps!

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This is for the anon who asked about Star Wars fabrics: I'm in a couple of SW costuming groups and a lot of the fabric (especially for Jedi) is rumoured to come from Dharma Trading. I bought all of my Rey fabric from there to hand-dye and I think a lot of people in the Rebel Legion use them for their materials for their Jedi cosplays as well.

Thanks, Anon!

Dharma has a lot of different options that could work (including gauzes, which were mentioned in some of the linked sites), and it would make sense, considering their prominence in the world of dyeable fabrics and silks and their proximity to Lucasfilm in Marin County.

I hope our Jedi anon sees this!

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Hello Auntie Jili- I know you've answered this before but I can't find the posts ATM. I am looking for flowy black dresses that can be worn alone or layered (for winter). Not super pricey would be good. Any suggestions would be very helpful!

Dharma Trading Co. has basic black sundresses that are perfect for layering.

Holy Clothing has a huge selection of flowy black dresses, even if the description uses questionable word choices, and they offer plus sizes!

The exact same black lace dress that Free People and other big-box retailers are selling for waaaay too much money is available on eBay.

For that matter, search eBay with keywords like “black lace maxi”, “black sheer maxi”, and “sun cover-up cardigan”.

I found a pair of really nice suede shoes at the thrift store for $2. Unfortunately they didn’t work for what I had in mined. However, I thought they would be perfect as a test for dyeing suede. I got some Angules suede dye from Dharma Trading Company, I think I spent about $14 total for both the black and red dye.

It was so easy to work with and created such  beautiful colors.  It took about 1 full bottle of black and ¾ a bottle of red to create my Harley Quinn boots.  I probable could have gotten away with only  1/2 bottle of each color but the fringe trim required a lot of dye to make sure both sides where covered. I was worried that when I applied the dye it would look streaky but I use the cotton swab that was included for application, put on 2 coats of dye and the end result looked fantastic.

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Please help me! there is a dress I really love, but its only available in light blue. Which would be the best way to get it pitch black? I heard good things about Procion MX Dye

Your best bet is to go read the Dye It Black FAQ and poke around at Dharma Trading Co. Those are the two resources I use when I’m trying to figure out if something can be dyed black.

But first things first! Look at the fiber content of the dress! You’ll need to know what it’s made of before going any further. 

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Greetings! You've mentioned dying fabric a few times and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for black fabric dyes? I'd like to "darken up" some of my favorite black cotton skirts that despite cold washing and hang drying have begun to show their age. Thank you kindly!

For cotton or any other natural fibers, I use Fiber Reactive Procion dyes. Unless it’s silk - then I use Acid dyes. And no matter what I’m dying, I head to the Dharma Trading Co. website to reread instructions. They’re the best retailer I’ve found for fabric dyeing products and information. 

I hope that helps!