I have been playing a TON of Miitopia since it came out and I finally got around to drawing my main team of ten.

In the order of left to right, we have the stubborn Tank, Byakuya Togami, the stubborn Imp, Roxie, energetic Princess Yuki Amagi, energetic Warrior Chuggaaconroy, the stubborn one of the thieves, MasaeAnela, myself the  airheaded Mage, the laid-back Chef, @acfan120, cautious Warrior Dharc, the kind Cleric, Sharla, and the cool other thief, DJ Hanamura.

This intrepid group is investigating something in the Manor Macabre, and some are more ready than others

dosgamer000  asked:

What are some archetypes you would like to see more support for?

Hmm, I’m not quite sure.

My instinct is to say The Agents of (Planet) - (Word), but the cards in the structure deck worked really well together and there has been at least one newer Agent released.

Maybe a way to make the Charmers (Eria, Hiita, Dharc, etc.) work together in a cohesive deck? Unless that exists already.

Man, I am drawing blanks. What are archetypes you would like to see more support for?


Left to right: Naen, Wisdom, and Kenjo. The demonic drawing is not mine, but my bf’s. The demon thing is what Naen and Kenjo turn into, but they don’t quite know that because Koga, Naen’s father and the leader of the organization, told them never to change into their other forms and even made the whole Dharc angel subfaction their own collars that prevent them from changing. Anyway… Wisdom is a phoenix, but unlike the other hybrids, he prefers to keep his wings and peacock-like tail hidden and stay in his human form. I’d love to color this someday so that you can see how fashion-savvy they all are, but I have no confidence whatsoever in my coloring skills. Instead, you’ll just have to take it from me: Naen dresses like a goth teenager, Wisdom wears a bright neon orange hoodie and neon green pants with dark red boots, and Kenjo only wears pink, lavender, and white clothes. Kenjo is the best dresser out of all of them, but his favorite ‘shirt’ to wear is a black fishnet shirt with a tube top. Anyway, yeah. Here are these three. Thanks for reading all this.