Day 16 of #showyourshakti Feeling pretty confident now with flipping my grip! Also totally in LOVE with my new leggings 💜 from @ombeautiful @theamandathebe @northcarolina_yogagirl @getfityogagirl @hollapop @learningtobalance #yoga #yogalove #yogachallenge #yogafun #fitspo #fitspiration #girlswithtattoos #yogiswithtattoos #bowpose #dhanurasana #ombeautiful #backbend #feeltheyogahigh #namaste

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Dana Falsetti - Via Instagram.

Y'all, the lovely and uplifting @loveyourselfhealth posted this #transformation shot of my #kapotasana awhile back and I’m still kinda taken aback by the power of regular practice when I look at these photos. I am often asked about the typical length of time it takes to see substantial progress on advanced postures. Answer? Just do your daily practice & don’t worry about useless timelines - trust me, all is coming as long as you practice.

And it’s not all about practicing the final pose- poses like #dhanurasana and regular #camelpose (as well as #urdhvadhanurasana) are fundamentals of my daily practice and are absolutely CRUCIAL when practicing deep #backbends like the one above.

Also, there’s a nearly a year separating these two shots- I say it all the time but DON’T RUSH- if you’re still trying to hold regular camel pose for five breaths, just breathe like that and trust that EVENTUALLY you’ll be able to dive into a more complicated variation. For the record, I’d been practicing camel pose for ~1 year before I even began attempting the full expression above. That’s ~2 years in the making, guys. Just chill out and enjoy the journey- honestly, the journey is the best damn part.

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Asana of the Week: 

Bow Pose! 

My favorite way to teach this pose: 

  • From your belly, reach back and grab the outer edges of your feet, fingers closer to your ankles then your toes. Make sure your knees don’t splay open, get them back in line with your hips.
  • Inhale to lift your chest, roll your shoulders back, neck in line with the spine. Exhale to extend your feet into your hands, using your strong legs to pull your arms and lift your chest. Use these micro-adjustments with every breath. 
  • Try lifting your knees and thighs a little higher to shift your weight into the soft part of your belly. Imagine you are trying to resemble a teardrop. Reach your toes for the ceiling. 
  • Relax and enjoy for a few deep breaths, then rest in belly savasana to let everything settle. 

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Even though snow may be in this weekend’s NYC forecast, that won’t stop the yoga. Join me today and this weekend at the times and studios listed below to lengthen and strengthen your way to big smiles all weekend long. Sangha Yoga Shala in Williamsburg Fri 2pm - Yoga Express Hour Sat 11:15am - Vinyasa Sun 5pm - Vinyasa Karen Lord Pilates Movement in Tribeca Sun 11am - Vinyasa 📷 by @ashleymead

This is a variation of side bow with the arms crossed behind the back. (This photo is an aerial shot.) This variation is doubly as tiring because not only does side bow involve bow on the belly at center, bow on the side, bow at center as a transition, bow on the other side, and bow back at center, but it is taken twice if one is trying to “stay symmetrical” and switch the crossing of the arms.

More accessible for yogis gifted with long arms.

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