I changed Sanja’s name because I didn’t like having Samid and Sanja both start with “SA”. It might confuse people. :/

Anyway, these are some charries from Samid’s part of the story. 

Dhanja: Dhanja is Maarik’s zhalja. As Maarik is often gone on business, Dhanja runs the household. Maarik is not a people person, so Dhanja likes to handle the more social aspects of Maarik’s business. He is where he is because he’s an excellent liar, charming, and clever. 

Zarileh: Maarik’s first wife. She’s smart, witty, and easily bored. She married Maarik before he was mega-rich, and she resents that she’s been pushed aside for the business and Maarik’s younger “trophy wife”. Despite being a woman, she likes to go to the forum with friends of questionable repute and do things ladies probably shouldn’t. She and Dhanja have an equally inappropriate relationship.

Maarik: An ex-sea captain, now successful and wealthy merchant of the noble class. He’s prickly at best, and he has no time or patience for bullshit. He’s all business, all the time, and hasn’t yet found the meaning of the word “fun”. 

Zhas: Zhas is another zhalja and is “friends” with Dhanja, in that they respect one another’s intelligence and quest for greater influence while also understanding that the other is never trustworthy. Between them, they could win the respect of even the greasiest politician.

Tamari: Maarik’s second, younger wife. She’s quiet and shy, afraid of both her stern husband and Zarileh. Luckily Maarik is usually abroad, so she makes pains to avoid Zarileh and spend time with her young son.