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Hey Micha! I was wondering about how you deal with the stress and worry that comes with being aware of the terrible ways nature is being treated and the whole climate crisis thing? I find myself feeling terribly stressed and helpless sometimes and I really feel like whatever I do it will never help make a change.

I’m so sorry it took me a while to answer this!! I’m both very sad you feel that way, but also relieved that you care/understand how important nature is. Thank you for being thoughtful and empathetic

In spite of it seeming small, the little things we do on an individual basis do matter a great deal. The way you can help totally depends on your comfort level and how able you are, but any and every step we take to better the Earth matters. Using slightly less water in the shower, composting, recycling as much as possible (I learned how to make my own paper using water and recycled paper, it’s so cool!!!), not using complex chemical sprays on weeds in favor of hand-weeding or using simple soaps/vinegar, using baking soda to get rid of roof moss instead of nasty sprays, attempting to buy from local food sources with good business practices if you can afford it, try to use more reusable items and reduce plastic waste items (plastic bags can be recycled at Fred Meyer in Oregon, I’m sure other grocery stores do the same?), try to grow some of your own food if you have time and space, purchase from second-hand stores and local stores, for food farmer’s markets are ideal, and walking/biking/using public transit/carpooling/grouping your errands together while driving – all of these things help a lot in terms of lifestyle choices. but if you’re poor, chances are your carbon footprint is pretty low already, (mine is ~8 metric tons of co2/year lol), unless you have children/a family to support (the larger the family, the bigger the footprint of course)/more than one car. Even so, upper middle-class/wealthier families always have HUGE carbon footprints relative to poor families especially. When it comes to wealthy families, many are incredibly wasteful to the nth degree, in spite of the fact they have ample means to buy locally, and reduce their carbon/water/waste footprint with technology and the various comfortable lifestyle choices money brings. They have greater responsibility due to their greater hoard of resources, yet they waste like gluttons, not even realizing the consequences of their actions because they do not feel the repurcussions, and rarely even see them. In Portland – a city that prides itself on being green and eco friendly – looking up the biggest water wasters pissed me off so much and I realized just how much wealthy people do not care how much they waste. 

In terms of more earth-related things… keeping yourself, your dogs, and children on the trail is VERY important, I cannot stress this enough. I know it seems fun, it is often glorified in the media,and it seems harmless to go off trail, but it isn’t harmless. Human disturbance and human affected climate change are the main reasons invasive species take over native plant habitat/niches in droves. I studied this for my job in the lab for three years. Going off trail in a disturbed, shitty forest near a suburb or city with no hope of recovery is fine, I guess… if the people living there have no motivation or hope to restore it, which is sad. One of the recovery forests I worked in was a city forest, covered in ivy – we were able to get native populations growing with simple hard work – the weed n pull n native planting method! 

We all need to be much more conscious about where we walk, and we all need much more restraint. When it comes to the phrase, “take only pictures, leave only footprints”, I’ll only agree if those footprints are on. the. trail. ;D

Hand-weeding invasive plants in your region/area and/or planting new native seedlings is a great way to help reverse some of the damage humans have done to various ecosystems. If you are lucky enough to live on a private piece of property, turning your yard into a native habitat (you can get certified by your city/state in certain areas, which is really cool!) is one of the most effective ways to locally start helping. Also, it’s gross and please be careful, but cleaning litter in your local area is a highly effective way to reduce animal death and soil/water pollution. Trying to use less miraclegrow/weird chemical fertilizer in place of compost/simpler, more natural fertilizers is an excellent way to make sure no excess nutrients enter water bodies. 

Volunteering for a clean-up party (the Oregon coast has clean up parties all the time hosted by SOLVE), planting party, or invasive removal party in your local area is an excellent way to contribute too!! I know that Portland, Oregon has a lot of groups that volunteer to kill invasive ivy and blackberry in the summer; I’m sure that googling would yeild some results in that city and others with similar organizations and planting parties? Maybe? I hope ;-;  Friends of Trees is a great organization in Portland dedicated to studying the quality of life of trees and planting new native trees in the metro area. (A lab friend of mine helps run it, and he is a brilliant PhD graduate in botany who works with arguably the best plant physiology professor in the country, and they are all so nice! ). Oh, and watching nature documentaries, reading local news, and staying up to date on the science articles that make sense to you is the best way to keep yourself informed and sharp!! Knowledge is critical, understanding how earth’s natural systems interact is critical too. In order to help, we must better understand. I wasn’t some bleeding heart tree hugger before I went to school for biology and earth sciences…. what I learned motivated me. None of my teachers shoved their beliefs down my throat and they all played devil’s advocate for all information presented, as a good teacher should. I synthesized everything I learned and then looked among all the details, and realized how important all of nature is. How everything is connected. It was neutral knowledge, the truths of this world that led me to care, and I hope it does that for others too.

Oh, and I’d like to add that, (other than donating to habitat preserving organizations like the Nature Conservancy or animal protecting foundations like The Snow Leopard Trust,) staying aware of and calling your representative about alarming political measures involving land use is one of the most important ways you can stop further ecological degradation, especially with this current administration. This is also difficult, as most news groups don’t report on environmental issues with accuracy or emotion if at all, and both sides of the American political coin like to compromise harshly regarding the environment. Apparently in our society, it’s very easy to get away with, and justify, killing a forest and the animals in it. Hell, hunting is a recreational -sport-, right? ? /vomits/

I’m so sorry I don’t have time to write more (and I am SO sorry this is written poorly!), I have a ridiculous number of messages to respond to and I need to take a food break, but I wish I could have written you an even longer essay. Please take care, and you are amazing!! I believe in you bb. You got this.
Oh, and as a final note: I try to think about the resilience of nature/the wondrous life left in this world to inspire me in a positive way as well. It’s an excellent motivator!! We can learn so much from Earth’s diverse organisms. Thank you again for the question, and I hope it’s okay that I publish this.

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Could I also request hand kisses from the SDR2 guys?

Of course :D (Apologise again if this took a while T_T) I hope you like it :D

Hand kisses from the SDR2 guys

Hajime Hinata:

- He would offer to take you on a walk to the beach so that you can watch the sunset together

- The two of you would then sit and wait for the sunset, talking about how your day went

- Right around when the sun starts to set, you rest your hand on top of his

- He smiles and let’s out a little chuckle, he then gently lifts it to his lips and kisses the back of your fingers

- As you wait for the sun to set completely he keeps giving little kisses to your hand every now and then

- After it’s over, he offers to walk you home and so you walk hand in hand telling him how much fun you had

Kazuichi Soda:

- Let’s face it

- He probably has another idea to make a new invention

- You just kind of sit and ask if you can help in any way and he replies with “Oh course! You can pass me tools!”

- Each time you walk over and hand him the right tool he pauses and kisses your palm grinning at you later

- What a dork

- At the end he ruffles your hair and tells you, you make an excellent assistant 

Nagito Komaeda:

- He will probably be very hesitant to touch you at first seeing as he is ‘trash’

- Which means that you’ll have to be the one to take hold of his hand and say that he’s wrong to think so lowly of himself

- You’re the one to kiss his hand first and say that he should try doing the same

- After asking several times if you’re really okay with that he starts kissing your fingers and then makes his way down kissing your palm

- After he’s done he just presses his cheek to your hand

Nekomaru Nidai:

- He invited you to watch a game where the team he manages is playing

- You cheer each time they score and wave each time Nidai looks your way

- Once there is a break you go down and find him telling his team how great they’re doing and if there’s any way they can improve

- He lets out a loud laugh when he sees you, he then introduces you to each member of the team

- You fist bump each one of them and when you turn to him he also has his fist out

- Just as with the others you go to fist bump him only this time he takes a hold of your wrist and gently guides your hand to his lips so that he can kiss your knuckles

- (Cue the team aww-ing)

Gundham Tanaka:

- You’re just playing with the Four Dark Devas of Destruction whilst Tanaka prepares meals for each one of them

- “Tell me my Queen of Darkness, would you like to attempt to tame these beasts with an offering?”

- You nod full of determination

- After you tamed the beasts and they’re safely sleeping in Tanaka’s scarf he takes you hand and kisses the back of it

- “Truly, your power is something that should be feared”

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu:

- The two of you are just enjoying a lazy afternoon with tea

- When you compliment him on the way he looks he blushes slightly causing you to giggle

- You then lean over and stroke his cheek (Even though Peko has her hand on her sword ready in case you do anything… NOT THAT SHE’S WATCHING)

- He tilts his head slightly and kisses the back of your fingers, each one individually

- Now it’s your turn to blush

- Revenge is sweet

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter):

- He asked you if you’d like to help him assume a new identity

- You just saw that as a chance to apply makeup to him

- He tries to explain that it’s not like that but you’re too busy making him look pretty

- “No, S/O, listen plea-”

- You don’t let him finish as you put his hand over his mouth and wink

- Well the chance is right there he might as well use it, with the best of his efforts he begins to kiss your palm

- You just kind of stop and blush slightly, then you pull your hand away and kiss his cheeks

Teruteru Hanamura:

- “Ohohon S/O what would you say if I let you help me cook?”

- Really? You? You tell him you’d love to but you don’t want to mess up any of his meals

- He tells you all is fine and you can do the easy job like sprinkle spice on the meals

- Several meals and innuendos later you’re all done!

- “I guess it’s time to wash the spices off of my hands now”

- “No, stop. Let me help”

- Before you can do anything Hanamura is kissing your hands all over giggling as he does so

- You turn bright red but then…. He starts licking your fingers

- This boy…

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Can you make a list (please make it long)of songs that you like/love? I'm in real need of new music *_*

Just keep in mind you asked me to make the list long!! :D

Hand in Hand - Walking on Cars

Never Be - 5 Seconds of Summer

Closure - Asking Alexandria

Rock Me - One Direction 

Roger Rabbit - Sleeping With Sirens

Missing You - All Time Low

No Love - Death Grips

The Don’t Need to Understand - Andy Black

Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran

Wonderland - Taylor Swift

Last It All - Black Veil Brides

Can’t Save Myself - As It Is

City of Angles - 30 Seconds to Mars

I Remember - A Day To Remember

Stressed Out - twenty one pilots

Daniel in the Den - Bastille

Life Underground - The Amity Affliction

Discovering Oceans - City in the Sea

Jesus of Suburbia - Green Day

Sellouts - Breath Carolina

Good or Bad - Action Item 

Pretty Little Girl - blink-182

Wild Ones - You Me At Six

Sail Away - Artist vs Poet

Down Down Down - Charlie Simpson

Berlin - New Politics

Bright - Echosmith

Afterthoughts - Greywind

Sad Ghost - Issues

The Balcony Scene - Pierce the Veil

Fun - Troye Sivan

Heart Out - The 1975

Legendary - The Summer Set

Masquerade - Northlane

You’re Not Alone - Of Mice & Men

Paint Me Black - Ben Hazelwood ft. Mali Koa Hood

Dreaming Alone - Against the Current

Lullaby - Nickleback

Sacred - In Hearts Wake

Hell and Back - Tonight Alive

Alone Together - Fall Out Boy

Sorry - The Jonas Brothers

Unmade - Dangerkids

Snap Out of It - Arctic Monkeys

Life Cycles - The Word Alive

It Has Begun - Starset

Lithium - Nirvana 

Morning Light - Palaye Royale

Here I Am Alive - Yellowcard

Nikki - Forever the Sickest Kids

New Americana - Halsey

Speechless - Memphis May Fire

Road to the Throne - Out Last Night 

If I Go - Storm The Sky

Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones

Tides - Jack & Jack

Wayside - Favorite Weapon

Champagne Supernova - Oasis

The Rest of Us - Simple Plan

Believe - Mumford and Sons

Just Keep Breathing - We The Kings

English Girls - The Maine

Save the Last Dance - Union J

Hold On - Don Broco

Hospital for Souls - Bring Me The Horizon

Family First - Woe, Is Me

Crash Down - A Skylit Drive

Sidney - Palisades

Last Breath - Attack Attack!

Trade Mistakes - Panic! At The Disco

Late Night - Foals

Long Live the Kids - We Are The In Crowd

Oceandust - Hands Like Houses

Be The Light - One Ok Rock

Waiting for Love - Avicii

St. Patrick - Pvris

Forever and Never - Secrets

Leaving California - Maroon 5

Leaving California - Boys Like Girls

Tracing Back Roots - We Came As Romans

Satellites - Crown the Empire

On The Floor - The Vamps

Strong - London Grammar

What Happened to Your Band - McBusted

The One - We Are Harlot

Don’t Wait - Joey Graceffa 

House On A Hill - The Pretty Reckless

Ancient History - Set it Off

Yours Sincerely, I Believed - Forever Ends Here

Phoenix Flame - The Ghost Inside

Castle of Glass - Linkin Park

Eyes Shut - Years and Years

Two Pieces - Demi Lovato

Bullet - Hollywood Undead

Swing Life Away - Machine Gun Kelly

All the Others - The Coronas

Simple Existence - State Champs

If you can’t find at least one new song/artist/band in that list then my music taste is useless to you!!