Most of the Marvel vs. Whatever games have a thing called “Flying Screen”, which is where the recipient of an air combo is sent flying across the screen while the camera follows them. The player who did the combo then dashes back into view automatically.

In Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, if Dhalsim causes Flying Screen while floating, he enters a strange state while dashing back into the screen where he can briefly perform ground attacks while still in the air.

Landing Dhalsim’s Yoga Strike super in this aerial-grounded state causes the game to lock up until time runs out.

Story behind this image:
Since I become a bit famous for redoing a Bengus image, trying to put my own style on it, people had complain that I havent “created” it.
So I wanted to prove to myself that I was able to create a image with the entire cast from the ground, using composition and style as a capcom artist would do it.
I dont know if it would be approved from Capcom, but I REALLY happy with the result, and man, it took days for me to stop to hate this image.
My hand is hurting a bit, but I put this meta to finish, took a while, but I finally finished it. Dont worry commissioners, now I’m all yours {need to finish pending images, sorry }.

By the way, thanks for all follows, replies, comments and support that you guys have giving me, I really appreciate and read all it.
Love you guys, no homo.