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When in Ruku do you say Subhaana Rabbi Al-Azeem or subhana rabbiyal adheem?

Rabbi al- and rabbiyal are the same thing. While the “al” belongs to the second word, it is joined with the first word during speech, since it makes it easier to pronounce this way.

It is adheem with the Arabic letter “dhaa”, sometimes called “thau”. Since some people have difficulty pronouncing this letter, they may say “azeem” instead.

Subhaana has a long “aa” sound in the middle, somewhat like the sound in the English word “mark”. Some people may write it as subhana. 

mithr piaarae noo(n) haal mureedhaa dhaa kehinaa ॥

thudhh bin rog rajaaeeaa dhaa oudtan naag nivaasaa dhae hehinaa ॥

sool suraahee kha(n)jar piaalaa bi(n)g kasaaeeaaa(n) dhaa sehinaa ॥

yaararrae dhaa saanoo(n) saathhar cha(n)gaa bhat(h) khaerriaa dhaa rehinaa ॥

Tell the beloved friend (the Lord) the plight of his disciples.

Without You, rich blankets are a disease and the comfort of the house is like living with snakes.

Our water pitchers are like stakes of torture and our cups have edges like daggers.

Your neglect is like the suffering of animals at the hands of butchers.

Our Beloved Lord’s straw bed is more pleasing to us than living in costly furnace-like mansions.