dh: season 1


When Archie and Veronica tell Betty they’re into each other and she’s totally okay with it:

When Archie asks Betty if she’s really okay and there’s some hidden feelings underneath there:

When social services came for Jughead:

When FP told Archie to protect Jughead:

When Veronica sat down to talk to Jughead and the BroTP started sailing:

When Alice told Betty that she gave her first born child up for adoption:

But then I was like:

When Archie, Veronica, and Betty ran to Southside High to get Jug:

When Betty and Jughead were talking in the Southside High parking lot:

When Cheryl tries to commit suicide and falls into the river:

When Archie was punching the crap out of the ice to get Cheryl:

When Archie and Veronica kissed before the jubilee performance:

When everyone gave Betty a standing ovation for her speech:

When the core four were sitting at Pop’s just like the first episode:

When Jughead and Betty said that they loved each other:

When Veronica and Archie were getting all spiced up:

When Jughead and Betty were getting all spiced up:

When Jughead put on the Serpent jacket:

When I thought Archie just got shot:

When it shows that it was Fred that just got shot:

End of Episode: