dh part1

Why Rupert?

Every time I watch the HP series, I just can’t help but feel miserable. They didn’t just massacre Ron’s character, they also disgraced Rupert’s talent as an actor. I mean, did David Yates even watch the scenes when the Trio is on the run in DH-part1? Rupert barely has dialogues but you see that face, that jealousy, the insecurity, that frustration- it’s just so RON! Just like him, Rupert hardly got enough credit- the attention was always on Emma and Dan. 

agestofrobynhode  asked:

i like your hermione lesbian plaid headcanon (though i'd love to see it detailed if there's more to it). i might have a similar one, with an attached headcanon of "fleur in a henley and a thick wool cardigan of either Aran or Fair Isle styles."

what do u mean lesbian plaid “headcanon”?

look at that (from DH Part1) 

look at the intense plaid with the hands inside her pocket, the half smirk and hair tied up to look like its short, if this doesnt scream “i’m gay gay gay capital G gay” i dont know what will.

headcanon says fleur, at shell cottage, is stressing out over her suddenly new feelings for hermione, wondering how hermione would take the whole “i am a lesbian, bill is gay, we’re beards” thing. fleur basically thinks herself into a corner, angsting until she’s folding cloths one day and she picks up hermione’s plaid shirt (she has several) first the blue then the red and then

then it dons on fleur that hermione just might be a little gay as well and, really, thats when the seed of hope and love is planted 

ps i drew your fleur with a cardigan and a henley i hope u like it :)