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19 years later...
  • Ron: So that's little Scorpius.
  • Harry: Yes. He's quite adorable, actually.
  • Ron: How would you know?
  • Harry: He comes to our house a lot... to play with Albus.
  • Ron: He does?
  • Harry: Yeah. Draco usually accompanies him... to play with me.
  • Ron: Draco? Since when do you call him Draco? And what do you mean, 'play'?
  • Harry: Usually Quidditch.
  • Ron: Oh thank god! For a minute there I thought-
  • Harry: We usually do it in the shower afterwards.
  • Ron: WHAT?
  • Harry: *snickering* Ginny always chastises us for being too loud.
  • Ron: *turning to Ginny* How can you be okay with this?
  • Ginny: *shrugs* Who am I to stand in the way of true love?
  • Draco: *walking up to them* Potter!
  • Harry: Malfoy! *starts making out with him passionately*
  • Ron: *just stares*
  • James: Bloody buggar! Dad is making out with Mr. Malfoy... again! Guys, it's been like ten minutes since you last snogged! Get a grip!
  • Albus: Come on, Dad! Not on the platform.
  • Lily: Mum, I think it's time you found a boyfriend, too. Dad seems really happy.
  • Ginny: He really does, doesn't he, honey?
  • Ron: *still staring*
  • Draco: *grabs Harry's arse*
  • Ron: *getting close to a heart attack*
  • Me: *smiling contentedly* All was well.

oliverwvvd  asked:

You asked for procrastination material. Procrastination is my jam, so here we go. Flintwood (maybe some 'the war is over and they realise they've fallen hard' headcanons? entirely up to you, of course, my dear).

  • during the war, Marcus and Oliver find a clear overlapping ground in which their care for quidditch has to be put to the side, and their familial focus comes first
  • Wood isn’t too prominent of a name - Flint is. 
  • but by some turn of events 
  • (involving a death eater with a vendetta against quidditch’ ‘non-purity’, a rogue bludger amidst a nasty match, and terrified players apparating far far away)
  • three dark months happen, before the battle at Hogwarts, where they’re the only ones hiding in a safe house
  • and somewhere in between sleepless nights and moonlit skies and one firewhiskey hazy afternoon, Oliver realizes that he and Flint aren’t so different after all
  • except he goes to fight, but Marcus keeps his head low. It makes sense, really, when Oliver thinks about it afterwards - you can’t shoot curses and spells at people who you’ve known, who know you.
  • it makes sense in a Slytherin sort of way. a Marcus sort of way. and Oliver thinks he finally gets that
  • when he returns, he makes sure the wards are secure, and the door opens with a tell-tale creak, and he’s sure Marcus must’ve left, must’ve fled 
  • (there’s a hollowness in his chest, a panic that he can now put a name to, at the thought of that)
  • but then Flint is there, sitting immobile at the tabletop, rigid with fear and stubble and dark eye circles, wand clenched in hand
  • he sees Oliver and all the tension seems to evaporate off his shoulders
  • “it’s done?”
  • “it’s over.”
  • the chair screeches across the tiled floor and Oliver feels the urge he’s been fighting off for months resurface at the clear relief that Marcus’ face is showing - and he wonders what more Flint had at stake in the war, how much more there was than what Marcus had told him amidst midnight talks and - 
  • then Marcus is a foot in front of him and looking like he wants to crumple in Oliver’s arms. 
  • “didn’t realize,” his voice is quiet, “how much you - are to me. how much you mean.”
  • and Oliver realizes Marcus has put the name to the feeling as well. the same heart wrenching need and care that’s come to existence
  • “oh,” Oliver whispers, “oh, me too.”
  • and Marcus, in all his frazzled, relieved glory, steps closer and leans down and then the pieces all slot together and this - 
  • they won. they won, today, but this will always be Oliver’s personal victory.

I still can’t believe this body is mine. I am so, so grateful.

i feel like i didnt put enough emphasis on that last post so let me clarify: if u are queer i fucking love u. u are my family. ur a lesbian? i love u. ur bisexual? i love u. ur trans? fuckin love ur ass. nonbinary? love u so much. pan? get over here 4 a hug. gay? wonderful, love u. ace? fuckin love u. queer? u r perfect and i love u. not labeling? thats ok, still love u. 

ur all my kids please take care of urselves im here for u