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In other news, I finally got Dark Heresy ][, and so can finally write out 2nd edition rules for Sororitas characters since no revised Blood of Martyrs seems forthcoming.

god the clexa scenes this season have just…. been fucking phenomenal

here u get the opener for the season which is clarke spitting on lexa and screaming that she’s going to kill her, then u get the opening for 3x03 where clarke tells lexa to go fuck herself. it seems that clarke would never in a million years forgive the girl who left her at mount weather.

then u get the knife scene where clarke charges lexa only to look her in the eyes close up and see the tenderness and regret and feel lexa’s breath against her face when she softly whispers “i’m sorry” and realize that lexa was just a kid faced with an impossible decision, same as her. then lexa’s shows the most emotion i’ve ever seen her allow to show in front of anyone as she says “i never meant to turn you into this” and then she OFFERS TO LET CLARKE GO. this would ruin everything for her coalition. she is giving up the one bargaining chip she has against the ice queen just to relieve clarke some of the pain she’s feeling. but clarke stays because clarke is smart and she knows joining the coalition is the best way to keep her people safe that doesn’t involve killing lexa.

and isn’t it interesting we have that parallel? both of them would be set for life if they just killed the other one - and both of them had opportunities to do so, but neither of them had the heart (lexa wouldn’t even consider it). if lexa killed clarke, she would have the power of wanheda, overpowering the ice queen, keeping the 12 clans coalition in tact, and being in a very good position. if clarke killed lexa, she would have azgeda on her side, including the ice queen, putting skaikru in a very powerful position. but they couldn’t do it. they love and respect each other too much.

then we have the ceremony, and it’s clearly for show. lexa would never make clarke bow to her in private, she isn’t that type of person. she needs to demonstrate to her people that she is still the one in power to maintain dominance over the ice queen (i shouldn’t even have to explain this but some people don’t understand this). at the end of the scene, after the chaos has ended, clarke nods at lexa, and lexa nods back. this was such an underrated part of the scene. it shows that even though clarke doesn’t like lexa at the moment, she is on the same page as her, she is loyal, and they can work together towards their common goal.

then… THE scene to end all scenes. commander lexa, the great heda, bows to clarke for no other reason than to express her regret for what happened at the mountain, and to promise that she will never let anything like that happen again. this wasn’t a power move. what would she have to gain from it? clarke already agreed to working together. this was extra. lexa knew it was extra, but she did it anyways, because she loves clarke and she so desperately wants her forgiveness and love that she is willing to put herself in the most vulnerable position she’s ever been in. she is giving with no expectations to receive, and that is why clarke reaches her hand out to lexa. she believes her. she understands. she forgives her. 

lexa could have avoided a war if she would have killed clarke. clarke could have killed lexa and had the protection of the ice queen, but instead she chose to trust lexa. these two are gonna make it. if they can survive this, they can survive anything.


tiny harry james potter things™: (1/?) harry and neville’s little ‘y’alright, mate? yeah? okay’ nod to each other after the showdown in the great hall