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Hey guys~ Its fanexpo Toronto tomorrow haha it will be my first time at Fanexpo 8D I’m really excited to see everyone again! I will be at table P116 with sugarmint-dreams ryuuseikuma and ruriko-sama if you’re going definitely come and drop by~ I will also be offering on spot sketch and pen commissions all weekend as well as all the new merch that I have from asia! * U */

Heroes’ Unwanted Reward VIII

One day, past mementos

  • Chapter: 8/?
  • Word count: 897
  • Fandom: D.Gray-man
  • Pairing: yullen/arekan

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25th May, Saturday

Kanda still haven’t moved out the next day. And the next. And the next. And before either noticed, it’s been two weeks. Allen was done questioning him about that though. He just let it be, occasionally smiling to himself at how much Kanda could complain and yet do nothing about the thing that apparently aggravated him. Living with Allen, that is. And that’s why, above all else, the currently older male was almost ready to admit they were becoming comfortable with each other’s presence. Almost, because―

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nyaancatnip asked:

Laven, 18 please!!! I'm loving your fics ♡♥♡♥♡

Thanks! I hope you’ll like this one as well. Here, have some idiots :D Now with a local flavour of Polish student dorms.

(Meme: send me a prompt and I’ll write you a drabble)

The portable electric fan was on its last legs, the air conditioning unit was rattling spasmodically, and Allen was about to give up as well. It was too hot for anything. He didn’t even feel like eating, and that meant the situation was indeed drastic. If this was spring, what will summer look like?

Allen fanned his face with a notebook. He was supposed to be studying, but he could feel his brain sizzling inside his head. This weather didn’t favour thinking.

“Alleeeen, what are you doing?”

Allen looked over at the shirtless pile of misery that was his roommate, currently sprawled on the bed with his face smushed into a pillow.

“Dying,” Allen sighed. “How are you still breathing over there?”

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First of all, I want to thank whoever who sended me a number forthis little OC ‘meme’. I didn’t think I’d ever get anything, so I can’t deny I was quite surprised to see replies! X///) more than that, I haven’t drawn anything for a (VERY LONG) while… mh. No, I still can’t stand I lost all my datas. I’ve still to re-check for a way to get everything back, but I’ve to wait at least until October. But this is another story.
So, first one I got from hikarunohana and anon-pie, Mugen in a swimwear. Last time I forgot to link the ‘crystal-version’ of this human/weapon -as whoever who read DGM knows, Mugen turned into a Crystal-type Innocence. So, I changed a little her appaerance, even if here she still has her long hair, but I added the crystals she has right behind her ears.
Again, thank you so much for this opportunity! ♡♡