Don’t think about Lavi and Allen.

Don’t think about how Allen has no idea where Lavi is, or that he’s being held prisoner by the Noah–being tortured.

Don’t think about how, with the current progression of the manga, Allen is likely going to be the one to find Lavi–beaten, broken, and bloody.

Don’t think about how Allen will blame himself, how he’ll think that if he’d only tried harder, if only he’d been there, Lavi wouldn’t have had to go through all that pain and torment.

Don’t think about the possibility of Lavi no longer being ‘Lavi’, of Allen coming to his rescue only to find his friend is gone. His friend is not the person he remembers. His friend may never have been the person he thought he was to begin with.

Don’t think about Allen losing one more person he cares about, and breaking because of it.


another timelapse! decided to redrew an old piece from 2016 :) enjoy (this one is much shorter)


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A very late realization but I’ve written 70+ fics for dgm. Seventy. I can’t even wrap my head around that. That’s not even counting all the headcanon posts, character studies, the quiz, and everything else. 

I’m sitting here, frustrated with myself because I can’t finish this fic for linkllen week, and it just hit me that…. I feel like I’ve reached the end. Or something. I don’t even know lol 

candy-crackpot  asked:

Mana, Neah and Allen for the character thingy ^^

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- Mana

First Impression:  At the start of the series I didn’t think too much of him, really? He was just allen’s father figure who he unfortunately turned into an akuma. I thought he was a literary plot device to showcase Allen’s past and why he fought for the akuma. He seemed kind. I remember from Allens’s flashbacks it always seemed to me he had a kind face.

Impression Now: BOY HOWDY WAS I DIDDLY DARN WRONG. Mana’s tragic. I love him because of the obvious love he cares for his brother. The angst he brings with him from the pure sadness he displays as he asks nea “don’t you hate me?” , and everything about the mysteries surrounding him and his brother. He’s fantastic and i want to see what hoshino does with him in the future. What his true motives were/are, cause i really don’t think he’s gone. 

He’s in allen partying it up with Nea, coughcough

Favorite Moment: hoo this is a hard one to pick. Probably a tossup between that flashback from Nea where he asks him if he hates him and when he talks to Allen when his curse “levels up” so to speak. Hoshino is masterful in that she captures the intricacies of emotions so delicately. A line can hold so much weight, and we see Mana utterly devastated. He needs to know if Nea hates him for [whatever] he did. It’s heartbreaking and shows how much Nea means to him in one single panel. 

The second moment is interesting in itself. He tells allen to fall deeper into the world of black and white (or somethign similar depending on the translation teams). Where only he can walk - here it is clearly outlined that Allen walks the line. He can see black and white, he is the gray (heh). It also shows how Allen’s curse is like an akuma and grows, and it shows that Mana is STILL VERY MUCH ACTIVE in some way and form, and is still looking after and guiding him.

Gonna stick the rest under a read more cause it’s getting long~

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that irredeemable debt

I don’t know if I ever posted a preview of this? But since I can’t seem to finish linkllen fic for this week, I might as well post the wip from last year’s week.

This was actually my favorite one of the week and, as it tends to go, one I didn’t finish.

Summary: Link finally rests for one day. It’s been a long time coming.

Notes: I’ve had this idea since linkllen week was first thought of. 

Linkllen Week 2017, day 4, Sick Day.

Allen’s laugh was as watery as Neah’s, but it was still so different. “It’s been a while.”

Throat aching, Link only managed a nod.

Allen’s hand ran through his hair, soothing and soft. “I’ve missed you.”

“Link, Link, oh my God, Link-”

It was senseless, urgent, desperate talking that woke Link up. He squinted, meeting Allen’s bright silver eyes. Behind him the sky stretched blue and endless, and he wished for clouds to come, if just to hide that burning unbearable sun.

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For real though, was there ever anyone who refused the Earl’s offer and walked away from the whole deal alive? I know the Earl only shows up when someone succumbed to despair, but maybe someone would suspect that no deal like that comes free. Really, what would the Earl do if someone refused his offer?