K-box with DGDD fatties!!

Second post of the weekend! Shows that I’m really maximizing every single second of these precious 2 days of freedom and human rights.

Yesterday, I went out to sing with my DGDD classmates, who I affectionately call them “fatties” even though they are not corpulent because it’s just funny. Not that I have anything against bigger sized people but it’s just for the fun so please don’t be offended. :)

Sadly, I wasn’t exactly inspired to take lots of photos because the room was extremely dark. In fact, it was so dark that even flash did not manage to help me much. But oh well~ 

External image

So we were meant to meet at 2pm outside Marina Square’s K-box but many of them were late. Good thing I knew that the K-box would definitely be extremely packed due to the 6 dollars promotion so in the morning, I called to reserve a slot from 2pm - 4pm. Only managed to start at 2:30pm because that was when majority of them arrived…

And because we had 8 people singing together, 2 hours was definitely not enough! We asked if we could extend but the staff there were rather unhelpful by answering that their bookings are quite “full” and cannot extend for us. Oh well!!

But we ain’t stupid!! I got Rini to make a reservation while we were INSIDE K-box for a slot from 4:30pm - 6:30pm, just in case they didn’t allow us to extend. And yes!! They didn’t!! 

Furthermore, they cut short our timing because they apparently start charging from the time you RESERVED the room, not the time you ENTER the room. Sucks no? So we basically threw half an hour away for nothing.

We still managed to get another slot because we’re oh-so-clever to book another slot. So much for “full” booking…

*P.S. These rants have nothing to do with the pictures, I know. :)

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The only thing emitting light was these decorations. Well~ There were the room lights of course but I was too lazy to turn them on for photos. Besides, lights in a K-box room spoils the atmosphere.

External image

Rini brought her Sony super-zoom camera and it’s so LIGHT!! Well, as compared to my 550D of course. Got her to pose with her camera for this photo. Almost look like an ad~

External image

Clarence, Ben Lim and Rini with her camera. I believe she took a picture of me taking a picture of them…

External image

This was taken at the second room. Did I mention that while we were in our first room, they totally forgotten to give us those snacks, leaving a few of us hungry? Evil them!! Well~ It’s 6 dollars so you can’t expect much but if you’re the management of K-box and you read this statement, 6 dollars doesn’t mean you provide lousy service, get? I’ve been to K-box so many times and this is probably the worst service I’ve gotten. Slightly disappointed.

Anyway~ The gang that went singing includes (left to right) Jia Yi, Clarence, Daryl, Jum, myself, Peiquan, Ben Lim and Rini.

Jum, Rini, Clarence and I had to leave earlier because we were meant to meet Wayne and Ben Ang at Yew Tee for dinner and we rushed like hell because we thought we would be extremely late but good thing we weren’t.

External image

This dinner “date” was planned weeks before and I guess I didn’t have an excuse not to go since I was informed so early. We had Astons Express at a food court near the Yew Tee MRT station. Snapped a few candid portraits of them while waiting for our food~ Here’s Jum’s…

External image

Here’s Ben Ang and I can see his chin!! He’s slimmed down SO MUCH!! I’m so amazed!!

External image

Wayne was sitting right next beside me and with my 50mm lens, it was pretty difficult to get a proper shot but I did manage to get a profile though, not before he terrorized me by sticking his face extremely close to my camera.

External image

And Shun Ding made a special appearance! It’s been awhile since I saw him~ I think the last time I saw him was back at school and that was like a year ago? His nonsense and outburst of randomness still tickles me.

External image

Clarence, the police inspector~

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Let’s talk ‘bout food~ I didn’t manage to get proper photos of everyone else’s food so I just took mine. Partially because I was too lazy and was really hungry so I couldn’t be bothered but anyway~ I had this grilled fish with herbs (because it’s less fattening than chicken, or so I believe) and have it paired with a garden salad and baked potato. Honestly, I would prefer broccolis but these veggies are just fine.

External image

The huge slice of fish topped with tartar sauce. YUMMY!! One thing I don’t really like about eating dory fish is that it is pretty difficult to poke the fork at it because it will break into smaller pieces, making it slightly more challenging to eat. But it’s tasty so it’s worth that little trouble.

After dinner, I went off while the rest of them went to Wayne’s house to play board games. Reason why I didn’t want to go? Because I want to sleep!! But I didn’t go home though…

Oh yes!! I did say I would take a photo of Pokemon Black right?

External image

Here it is and it’s not mine!! :P

I’m still charging my DS after I drained it from playing Pokemon for the whole of yesterday night so I have pretty much nothing to do right now. Booking in tomorrow morning but that’s fine considering that I can play Pokemon in camp~ :P

Shall end here! 

This morning, a friend of mine from poly sent me a pm on steam. It was nice to hear from him again and to know he was doing well in Seattle. I wished I were there studying with them again too. Really do miss my polymates.

He mentioned that I was always the ambitious type, and that it was odd when I joined my first games company, Tyler Projects where I seemed to have retreated and gone into hibernation from the comfort and coziness of drawing a standard monthly salary. But now that I’m trying out something indie, taking a risk outside that comfort zone, I’m back in the game.

He was also working on his own indie game with a couple of friends while working his way to graduation. He told me ‘I’m gonna catch up with u. The 2years NS made me waste, I’m gonna catch up to you soon.’
I guess it’s a bit scary in a way since I’ve been dormant for such a long time, but, the game is on.

Thank you for the push I needed dear friend. :)
U’re awesome.

Encore un dessin d’Eldarya, le dernier que j’avais à terminer, même si il m’en reste un à poster mais il n’arrivera pas avant un bon moment, étant donné qu’il a été réalisé pour le Téléphone Art Game ^^

Celui là, c’est Letalis, toujours et éternellement pour DGDD

Le fond vient du jeu ^^


Another Eldarya drawing, and I realize I alaaaays forget to translate in english, uuuuh…. This one is Letalis, for DGDD, I had to finish it for days, but now it is done, and finally, I can draw other things than Eldarya ! There’s still one that I must post but it will wait until the end of the Telephone Art Game…

The background comes from the game ^^