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Characters are not actors. Like Adam Baldwin is, by all accounts, a total dick in real life, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s portrayed characters like Jayne or John Casey who I like. Being able to separate the actor from the character is a healthy skill when you consider that all media and all performers are in various ways problematic, and even the ones who want to grow and change and get better are in an environment that reinforces the views they (cont’d)


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Oh god, Mass Effect’s timeline… Not in ANY way helped by how ME3 has Shepard acting like their ‘six months’ in lock-up was more like six YEARS when interacting with old crew…

Simply because of travel times, the events of ME1 have to have taken at least a few months. One month after the Battle of the Citadel, Shepard is KIA. Project Lazarus takes two years to bring Shepard back to life in 2185. Events of ME2 must also take a few months, and there’s a codex entry you find in the Leviathan DLC which suggests Shepard was active with Cerberus doing ME2 things in August of 2185. Then there’s six months between ME2 and ME3, where Shepard is awaiting trial. The ANN twitter feed at the time (if I remember correctly) heavily suggested the Reaper war began on March 6th, 2186. That might not be correct, but it fits with the time difference, as it’s 7 months from August to March. 

It all gets a bit tight, though. Especially when you factor in a conversation with Kaidan Alenko in ME1, where he flat out tells you he’s 32 - and his birthday is 2151, which means it’s come and passed by the time that conversation rolls around. PLUS, he was exposed in utero early in 2151, so he had to have been born no earlier than late April, I’d say, for eezo to affect his nervous system development and not just give him brain cancer. (I imagine those that get cancer instead are exposed at the wrong time during development, those that develop biotics are exposed to eezo when those systems are still forming - and their chances of it turning to cancer are lower.)

So that knowledge all squishes ME2 into a tight time-frame, even though if feels like it should be more. 

The Reaper War can’t last longer than a year, as the Volus predict a full economic collapse (irrecoverably so, at least in the short term), and post-ending scenes suggest the economy was largely fine and recovered.

BioWare should hire a writer who exclusively manages timelines and continuity, to keep everything on track.

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I legitimately ALWAYS bring her along to the final part of the Collector base, JUST for her to give the Illusive Man her resignation. Her character arc deserves that moment, and I will never deny her it.

Ohmygosh, yes! It’s such a powerful moment for her, and she deserves to not only have it but to be to seen having it. Because either way she ends up leaving Cerberus, but giving her that moment there on the base where TIM wants her to do his bidding and 100% believes that she’ll do it if he orders her to and she says, “No,” is so fucking powerful. 

She’s saying, “I don’t need you anymore.” It’s a huge jumping off point for her character, and I can’t deny her that moment.

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Could it be like a parting insult - “you are indeed so beneath me, I won’t even bother to do it personally or stick around to see it”?

None of it really feels like it’s an insult to me. Or I mean, I think Zoisite’s including an insult because why not, but it’s like a gift with purchase. He’s completely disengaged from Nephrite at this point, and that’s particularly notable when you consider that everything Zoisite did throughout this arc, up to this point, has been incredibly petty and personal. We’ll see it again next arc with Tuxedo Kamen, too, so it’s not like this trait went away. Zoisite lives to torment, and Nephrite has been his jam the entire arc. But his interest in Nephrite has completely disappeared. It’s like he was really hungry and ordered a large french fry, and just got bored with eating them at the end.

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A question in regards to the Crystal ban - If there's a music video that anyone thinks you'd enjoy watching incorporates footage from both animes, does that fall into the 'no Crystal' category as well, and we shouldn't send you a link?

Right. The only thing I want to do with Crystal is ignore it. It’s difficult to ignore it when I’m sitting here looking at it.


Will sending Jet Wolf this thing from Crystal interfere with her continued ignoring of Crystal?

If No: Consider this very carefully. Revisit the question.


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I fully embrace the idea that eezo plays a part in the resurrection, so it theoretically could kickstart biotic abilities in a non-biotic Shepard. Personally, I keep class fairly consistent across games, but that’s my logic on the matter.

I hadn’t thought of it from that perspective, but I could totally see eezo playing a role in getting the nervous system back online. Hmmm…

I still like to keep class fairly consistent, though, too.

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Right now my head is just going through all the scenarios where they go down after him and get him back and then Fitz makes out with him.

But I’m crying I haven’t been this upset with this show since FitzSimmons were at the bottom of the ocean.

Fuck what this show does to my feels.


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“It’s really too bad that the word “nerd” isn’t a thing in Thedas….”

Well you know, Tevinter language hasn’t been expanded on much yet, and surely Bull knows some of it, so it COULD be a thing… I mean that’d be enough justification for me.

Actually, now that I think about it, we DO have a close equivalent to “nerd” in Qunlat. Ashkaari, which means “One who thinks”.

(And according to World of Thedas Vol 2, this was Bull’s nickname as a child. So Bull’s nickname was, essentially, “Nerd”, this is fantastic.)

I was tagged by jkateel to list my 10 favorite video games.

These lists are always really hard. I had my first computer when I was 3, so I’ve literally been playing video games for 25 years. Christ, I’m old (in tumblr years anyway.) Oh btw, I count series as one game when it’s a continuing story (*cough* Bioware games *cough*)

  1. Mass Effect Series (this is the only no brainer–the rest are harder to put in any order)
  2. Dragon Age Series (yes, this is going to be a pattern…)
  3. Kingdom Hearts Series (though I’m meh about 365/2)
  4. Knights of the Old Republic Series (these introduced me to the world of Bioware games. Bioware has owned my soul ever since. I’m also going to lump Star Wars the Old Republic with this. It’s an amazing game, too bad the micro transactions killed it for me. I was also highly disappointed that after launch the story stopped really being the main focus, IMO. It’s been years since launch but no continuation of each hero’s story. No added companion quests–rant rant, Grumble grumble. I don’t feel passionate about this at all–*cough*)  
  5. Final Fantasy X (I also loved X-2, go ahead and judge me.)
  6. Phantasmagoria (This game scared the shit out of me–also highly inappropriate to play at 9, but very good game. Though, I may have some strong nostalgia glasses on for that one.)
  7. Final Fantasy VIII (the one that started my love of FF games. I played 14 hours straight one time, only stopping for bio breaks and to bring snacks back to my desk.)
  8. Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance (It wasn’t a spectacular game, but my dad and I would play it for hours on weekends. Therefore, it will always have a special place in my heart.)
  9. Jade Empire (amazing and highly unappreciated game.)
  10. World of Warcraft (Though it’s been years since I played, it will always hold a special place in my heart. I met the love of my life through this game. I made friendships that have now lasted nearly a decade and are still going strong. Who says MMOs aren’t a real form of socializing? :P)

This list could seriously go on for a very long time. There are the oldies but goodies like: original Mortal Combat, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Lion King, Aladdin, etc. I was particularly fond of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer games–yeah I bet some of you didn’t know they existed. I’ve grown increasingly fond of FF14: A Realm Reborn.

Crap, I completely forgot the Tomb Raider Series! (I did my final thesis for one of my graphic design courses on it!) Christ, I also love the Portal Series. Oh and Prince of Persia (my favorite was 2.) The Fable Series (again my favorite was 2.) Dokapon Kingdom is pretty awesome. I should also throw Rock Band in there somewhere, some great memories with that one. Oh and the Phoenix Wright series!

Point is I’m old and love video games. Ha!

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