dgcatanisiri replied to your post:Sometime ago there was this person who was annoyed by Spot changing breed. I was reading The Star Trek Encyclopedia (page 310) and there was this brief information of Spot, it says: “Spot first appeared in "Data’s Day,” but didn’t actually get a name until “In Theory” (TNG). In “Data’s Day,” Spot was a Somali cat, but in later appearances, Data’s friend somehow became a common house cat. We speculate that Spot may be a shape shifter or an unfortunate victim of a transporter malfunction.“

Or he’s sentimentally attached to the same name.

That’s a possibility! I didn’t mean to deny him credit where it’s due. His cat(s) don’t ever seem to have spots, so I guess there would have to be some kind of creative thought process behind the name. I always just assumed he looked over a list of popular human-given pet names and picked the first one off the top.

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Yeah, I’m not sure where I stand on the redemption thing. Like I consider ‘just following orders’ unjustifiable, but given that Garrett almost literally MADE him (and before that, his life was shit)… I dunno.

For me, it’s going to depend on Fitz.  Because Fitz is the one who believed in Ward when no one else did, and he’s the one of the main cast who was the most (physically) hurt by Ward’s actions.  So if Fitz can forgive Ward, there’s a chance for him in my book.  If Fitz tells Ward to fuck off, I’ll have to side with Fitz.

dgcatanisiri replied to your post:“Ok, maybe I just didnt pay enough attention, but in Me2, when the collectors attack Horizon, how does Kaiden get out of the Seeker stasis????”

Since Ashley gets free at the same point he does (as far as we know), I doubt he got free because of his biotics, or else Ashley wouldn’t have managed to get free.

Yeah, that’s why I think the seekers having to be there in order to keep the effect going makes the most sense. Otherwise, Kaidan should have arrived sooner and not at the same time.

acteddrake15 replied to your post:“Ok, maybe I just didnt pay enough attention, but in Me2, when the collectors attack Horizon, how does Kaiden get out of the Seeker stasis????”

I was just playing through the series as my first femshep and when I got to that part, it just kinda bugged me (no pun intended). Though I’ve heard different theories, like the biotics theory, trying to explain it. :P

Ha! Ok, over the pun. Yeah, there are some weird things in the series as a whole that just make me go o.O ?? or aren’t explained in enough detail. I could go on forever, but it’d be a dissertation, haha, and I don’t think I could effectively write that this late at night. The seeker swarms having to maintain the effect still makes the most sense to me, for the reasons stated above. 

dgcatanisiri replied to your post: “agreed! uwu but the f!shep romance options get me mad cause kaidan was made bi but ashley wasn’t, jacob leaves you, garrus is only romanceable if you romance him me2, thane dies, and i just feel like f!shep got screwed over with the romances”:

Would it have been so impossible to create a second set of dialogue for Jacob where he DIDN’T get together with Brynn if he was romanced, so as not to COMPLETELY UNDERMINE HIS ENTIRE CHARACTER I WILL NEVER BE OVER THIS WHAT?

Right? He’s one of the few LI’s to admit to being in love with Shepard in ME2, and then he completely 180’s in six months and finds someone else and falls deeply in love with her.

I really disliked the “the normandy is your true love” thing he says. It felt like a cop out, that Jacob would move on because he thought Shepard only really loved the Normandy. And I get how that could be a legit excuse, but it executed poorly. It felt overall more like a reason to not have to include another potential romance.

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i never romanced jacob but the fact that he dumps shepard for another woman no matter what REALLY made me not like his character and to never pursue a romance with him :/

I could accept it, but the way it’s handled in game is pretty terrible. People expecting to continue their romance with him are just completely shut down in ME3, no matter what they do.

At least with the VS and all the Horizon, you’re back from the dead but can I trust you/are you the same person drama, there’s still the potential to rekindle things, provided you don’t royally fuck things up and have to shoot them. 

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That ‘the Normandy is your real love’ line is just so condescending, too. He says it to all Shepards, and I want to smack him. I never felt like doing that in 2, but in 3…

Yes! It really rubbed me the wrong way, especially since the Normandy is not my Shepard’s “real love.” I really hated that he said it to all Shepards and not just the ones he was ditching. Must feel like a real slap in the face for the people who ship him with Shepard as hard as I ship shenko.