dfw photography

It’s Friday! I think for such a wonderful day, it calls for a fun & peppy photo! Before taking photos of my cousin’s big day, my husband was all dressed & kept saying “I could use a new photo”. He thinks just cause we are married, he can just get a free shoot any time he wants? Well.. he’s right. I mean, look at that face! How could I ever say no? ;3


Brand New at The Field at Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas. (July 22nd, 2016)

Man, I am excited for this weekend! I head on back to Dallas to help with the camera work for @evilcakestudios new project, and do some shoots with some lovely people! I am eager to share what projects lay ahead this weekend, so keep an eye out next week on what all I get my hands on!

I am also getting pretty ecstatic because I am getting plans together for next year. This year I kind of took a step back from putting myself out there for more business because I honestly have been worn down. Not from photography, but from my every day job. It’s been really difficult here & there, but I am pushing through. Next year though, I don’t want to hold myself back.

Though I may be booked on all of my time in Dallas for the rest of this year, you can still book me in Houston! If you’re on the hunt for some family photos for your Christmas cards, let’s schedule something :)


Korn at South Side Ballroom in Dallas, Texas. (October 20th, 2015)