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New Autistic Blogs

This list was made 27/3/2015 and is a list of some of the new blogs for and by autistic/neurodivergent people that have been made within the last couple months. I’ve chosen to introduce the blogs by coping a part of their description or about page. Go check them out, send a submission, reblog some of their content, give them a follow and help me make sure that they stay around!

allisticfactbook “Inspired by blogs like animal-factbook, this blog consists of facts about allistics! (the things on this blog are jokes, not serious facts.)“

autisticlifehack “A place for autistic people to share the ways that they make their lives easier! Anything from different food choices to techniques on handling social situations.“

an-autistic-in-paris “I’m here to let you know how to travel comfortably as an autistic. I give tips, tricks, and warnings about any aspect of travel that could trigger a meltdown. You’ll also find ramblings about everyday life with autism.The askbox is always open!“ 

autisticcharacteroftheday “A comprehensive list of all the canon autistic characters in the world.“ 

autisticpuppy “Hello! I’m Eli Esther Isak and I’m an Autistic 16 year old that lives in the DFW area and blogs about Autistic rights. I am a survivor of psychiatric abuse and commonly speak about toxicity in the psychiatric and medical system. If you know me from my main tumblr or my twitter, this is my more formal, less personal blog devoted solely to autism. I prefer they/them pronouns!“

autisticstories “A place for autistic people to share their stories!“

dysphoric-dystopia  “This blog is a safe haven for: Those suffering from Anxiety, Gender Dysphoria, Autism Spectrum Disorders((Including Asperger’s Syndrome)), people in either the LGBTQA+ or who fall under the Transgender Umbrella, and anyone who is scared or lonely and needs help. Feel free to message me, my askbox is always open. -THIS BLOG SUPPORTS SELF DIAGNOSIS OF AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORERS- Blake/19/Gray-Asexual Panromantic Genderfluid/Male pronouns/Aspie”

edgyspirita “An Aspie on Edge and on a Pilgrimage in the Christian Faith“

typeasd No blog description