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Our first batch of eye candy pics we took at the Lonestar Round Up in Austin is up on the journal. Link in profile.

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Love Infinite Jest? Hate Infinite Jest? AND LO ZINE wants your content!

We are three girls who by some stroke of fate happened to read David Foster Wallace’s magnum opus at the same time and felt a connection with it. We’re looking to put together a zine of IJ-inspired writing and art.

Submissions and questions can be sent to Submission deadline 7/22/16 (tentatively).

Don’t have the time to submit but still interested? Take this IJ survey!

I always change the way I imagine Percy; skinny, more buff, short, super tall, in his 30′s, and then in his early 20′s (when Taliesin said that’s how old he actually is). I have settled on the idea that he probably has a liittle bit of muscle tho from all that tinkering and weapon-making

man I’ve been drawing so much critical role stuff lately help


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David Foster Wallace: The Pale King

For those who’ve never experienced a sunrise in the rural Midwest, it’s roughly as soft and romantic as someone’s abruptly hitting the lights in a dark room. This is because the land is so flat that there is nothing to impede or gradualize the sun’s appearance. It’s just all of a sudden there.

Fuck the Sidelines: A Punk WOC Creating Her Own Scene in the South


The idea of being in a band has always lingered as an unachievable dream in the back of my mind. Something I secretly wished I had the guts to do. Something I hypothetically planned out when I was drunk. Something I put off. Something I felt that I could never do. It takes me back to the feeling of being a 15 yr old Chicanita at an all-male show & feeling that my involvement with the music scene would always be limited to the sidelines: to being a fan, a girlfriend of a musician, or a supporting role to an all-male band. As a girl of color I could never imagine myself as a creator or an innovative artist & it took me well into my mid-20’s to actually believe that I was. It’s a sad reality for so many girls of color whose very beings & survival make us artists in our own right. Sometimes it just takes some of us longer to see it. After I read Alice Bag’s Violence Girl: East LA Rage to Hollywood Stage, a Chicana Punk Story and my boyfriend bought me a bass for our anniversary, I knew it was time…

Because of my Alien Midwife bandmates, my 15 year old self would not believe the person I have become. I may not have come out of the womb a musician but it’s never too late to follow your feminist punk rock dreams. It’s never too late to pursue that which gives you life. I’m proud to say that I am 27 & this is my first show.

DFW, if you want to take part in or support a new punk community emerging in Denton, TX, one that honors the unique artistic contributions of marginalized groups living in the South—particularly women, POC, queer, nonbinary, and transgender folks, I invite you to Alien Sister’s first DIY showcase. It may only be a few of us starting out but it is way safer & more inclusive here than the overwhelmingly white broey/hipster scene that has taken over Denton. If you aren’t digging your scene, create your own. It’s time to put those words into action. Hope to see you Saturday! -Daisy 

Muchacha Fanzine’s 12 issue will be themed around Punk Women of Color-stay tuned for more info!