Oh look, I made a colored version.

With any luck I’ll make a set to go with this later that turns things more awesome than sad, but I’m impatient and draw at the speed of a sloth so I’ll put this here as a sort of preview for hopefully more stuff to come.


Nagogo’s sprite [plush fish “Moe” + frog companion “Bacardi”]

Kanini’s sprite [owl + medical kit]

Nagogo, having no realization just how important frogs are in the game, captures one pretty early on in his land (the Land of Flow and Frogs) and names him Bacardi…after the rum. Bacardi is like his companion in these early times because he’s pretty lonely until he starts going through gates and stuff. He prototypes Moe with him and only after prototyping does Bacardi actually offer any knowledge about the game. However, it is a little while before Nagogo does this prototype and so he loses out on this valuable information as his friends progress. Only significantly later in the game does he discover that their new universe can’t be completed without Bacardi. I’m still toying with the idea of if Bacardi has to sacrifice himself for this to happen, but the implications that can have could be disastrous.

Kanini has a sprite that’s an owl prototyped with a first aid kit. He is very useful as he can store items in his chest (it opens up like a box) and he has healing properties. Before she entered the game, Kanini had spent the morning caring for an owl that had injured its wing. It came into the medium with her along with her entire office.