dftbaby: the sequel

Where I go 😗👊when I go there💦💦
No🙅more memory🙉💡💡 anymore😍only men👴👨👦 on distant🕵 ships🛳⛴, the women👵👩👧 with them🏊Swimming🏊 with them to shore🌊🌊Where I go😗👊when I go there💦💦no🙅 more whispering👀anymore😍Only hymns🎶🎶 upon your lips👄👅A mystic🎎 wisdom💡💡rising with them to shore🌊🌊touch me😫😫 just like that👌👌and that oh yeah😍👅now that’s heaven😇👼now that I like😍God😇 that’s so nice💦💦now lower👇down👇where the figs🌰lie💕

aromantic wlw are lovely and resilient. society tells you that you’re wrong for not feeling romantic attraction, and for being sexually attracted to women. we need to protect aromantic wlw from the double-edged sword of heteronormativity, as they are as vulnerable as we are, if not more, to the hardships we face as a community. here’s your reminder that it’s okay to not want a romantic relationship with a girl, and that doesn’t make you predatory or homophobic. 

Snk 92 quick thoughts and predictions
  • <p> <b>Marleyans:</b> We won the war against the Mid-East Union. Time to go to Paradis and take the Coordinate.<p/><b>Mid-East Union:</b> Oh wait<p/><b></b> (*go to Paradis before Marleyans*)<p/><b>Mid-East Union:</b> Dear walled Eldians lets us united together and fight against Marleyans<p/><b>Walled Eldians:</b> YEEEEES<p/><b>Mid-East Union:</b> We would like to invite the Survey Corps to our country so you can see our newest weapons and technology<p/><b>Survey Corps:</b> Good<p/><b></b> (*Survey Corps together with Eren leave Paradis*)<p/><b></b> (A few months later)<p/><b>Marleyan army on Paradis:</b> WHERE IS THE COORDINATE???<p/><b>Mid-East Union plus the Survey Corps:</b> Few army in Marley. Time of counter attack! Free the Eldians!!!<p/><b></b> (*Marley in a huge mess*)<p/><b></b> (Some months have passed)<p/><b>Survey Corps:</b> Thanks for your help, now this is time to go home<p/><b></b> (*Paradis in a huge mess. Three Walls collapsed*)<p/><b>Survey Corps:</b> WHAT THE---<p/><b>Isayama:</b> Mist bad ending LoL<p/><b>Somebody:</b> GO HOME FALCON YOU ARE DRUNK<p/></p>
What Have I Become (3373 words) by Writing_squiggle [AO3]

Chapters: 3/?
Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Tekhartha Zenyatta/Reader
Characters: Tekhartha Zenyatta, Reader, Genji Shimada, Hanzo Shimada, Angela “Mercy” Ziegler, Original Characters, Soldier: 76 | Jack Morrison
Additional Tags: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Slow burn with Mental Illness, Reader-Insert, Female Reader
Series: Part 2 of We’re So Close

My sweetest friend?

Sequel to Softly Smile
After finally realizing your feelings for the Shambali monk, the two of you start a relationship. With an assassin on the loose and your clear mental illness, you go on a man hunt to find an omnic with a vengeance. The closer you get to the assassin the further you walk from a path of healing.