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Hey, I don't know if you've already been asked this before, but I was just wondering if you have a couple of fics you wouldn't mind recommending?

i dont really read a lot of fics since i cant focus for shit so i havent read all of these start to finish but they p good 

dont forget the sun  

of heaven and earth

turnt heck godhead 


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How does it feel to have fanfics, fanart and ocs inspired by something you wrote

absolutely insane??? like seriously i don’t understand it at all, like, i’m legit living 13 year old me’s dream. i’m a glutton for attention and positive feedback the fact that people like my fics enough to want to make things inspired by them is probably the single strongest factor as to why i still have the confidence to keep writing 

Dragonoid AU
“Legend says that whenever you see strange auras, the path to the other dimension has opened and a dragon crosses to it.”

A notorious thief, Levy was being chased by the guards after escaping from the prison. While in the forest, green auras floated all around. She followed where is it heading and ended up in a cave where she hide from the guards. But as she walk further into the darkness, she stumbled upon a seemingly dead armored person. But the person is full of mystery, she noticed his cheeks are seeming reflecting the moonlight to a manner of how iron reflects it. To her curiosity she knelt and tried to touch his cheeks only to be stopped by the person’s hand. The person looked to her with his glowing red eyes. Thats when she realizes that he is no ordinary human, but rather the one from the myths. A human with dragon features… a Dragonoid.

Gajeel is the captain of the Order of DragonKnights. The Dragonknights are tasked to secure the safety of The King. Due to the King falling into a grave illness and the threat of the Demon Legion attacking them, Gajeel was tasked to search for the dragon’s son (the only key to stop the war) who was thrown to the human world for its own safety and bring him back to their world. However, coming to the human world diminished most of his enery and he then feel exhausted and felt asleep right before the portal where Levy found him.

What I’ve been working for more than a week now. Phew I finally finished this //cries

Flight Lesson

With the first bird tweet before sunrise
An eager young fairy opened her eyes
Impatient she was to explore a new day
To discover new things, have fun and play

Silently venturing from the hollow of her tree
Taking the leap to be fluttering free
She soared through the dark above the treetops
Seeing first the sun shine on morning bunny hops

Reaching new heights she dove for the green
There twisting and turning through branch barely seen
She then came to a stop with forest floor near
Where she sat on a twig spying something unclear

The rays of dawn peaked betwixt shadowed leaf
A lone beam shone on a nest wove beyond belief
Twas silken hung with shimmers and wiggles
Whence out pops a butterfly to bright eyes and giggles

The pair swiftly flew off, with each a new friend
A flight of fancy they hoped without end
Their forest was waking from the dark of night
Ferns were unfurling to welcome the light

Morning blossoms blooming’s a colorful treat
Dew drop reflections fragrantly sweet
The bumble bee’s buzz in search they roam
Lady bugs lingering wished to be home

Crickets stopped chirping, they’re done for the day
The squirrels and chipmunks have come out to play
Frolicking freely time quickly passed by
Their world growing smaller the higher they fly

Sensing danger circling above
The butterfly thought a game the fairy would love
For his instinct foretold of a life to be short
All else he knew the fairy had taught

He said “wait down below, I’ll hide and you seek”
“But count to a thousand before you peek.”
The adventurous fairy dove quick for the wood
The brave butterfly flew higher than was good

Counting’s completed, now’s time to discover
She opened her eyes while humming birds hover
She asked of them if a butterfly was seen
One with big wings of red, yellow and green

The little birds knew not of his hiding place
Sadness now shaded the young fairy’s face
She searched high and low, both left and right
Her sight’s now shrinking in falling sunlight

Shadows grow longer with the moons turn to rise
A blanket of stars soon covered sleepy eyes
The quiet night passing, she dreamt of her tree
And the nightmare had unprepared to be free

Awakening again to a song she knows well
Birds summon the sun as the pale moon fell
The fairy sat patient on a stump by a stream
Butterfly! Oh butterfly she did loudly scream

The butterfly didn’t hear her mournful cry
Though the echo carried through valley and sky
Her parents did hear their lost child’s voice
Soon by her side they all did rejoice

The young fairy’s joy soon returned to tears
She spoke of the butterfly and of her fears
Her parents assured her he lost his way
But would surely return somehow, someday

The family flew swiftly back to their home
A place shared with others in a honey comb
The fairy now waves to the butterflies, they in return
For keeping friends close is what she did learn


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species swap dfts. thats all

okay but there’s so many ways to take that, and by so many i mean like, three. is karkat a human now escaping to a troll planet? is dave now the mutant blood troll escaping and karkat’s the human who finds him? or is regular human dave somehow escaping earth and ending up on troll planet? so many possibilities 

Gajeel from the current chapter ~<3 His Dragon Force is the freaking coolest ;u; Idk if his hair is white tho, the manga suggests its a light colored one so… I hope to see a colored version from the manga.

Anyways a warm-up art for several months not doing any FT art. And I’m enjoying my new lineart tool, it matches my new preferred style <3 ;w;


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My messages to all Vriskas OHAE: GODDAMMIT JUST STOOOOP DFTS: You goddamn genius Godhood: Go find Terezi!!!! Out of all of them she's the most likely to remember!!! I think that's all of them but I might've missed some

that’s pretty much all the vriska’s yes. the only vriska to do a thing Good is DFTS vriska. every other vriska is a hot mess who needs to Stop