One of the best things about sharing a zodiac sign with your favorite troll is that you can act like an undercover Homestuck fan around non-fandom folks.

“Hey, what’s that symbol on your shirt?”

“Oh, it’s the scorpio symbol! I’m a scorpio!”

and they don’t think anything of it. But then you meet people who know and it’s like. Secret code.

sparksparta vriskaye kanashimibeast beneathfullmoon and everyone whose unanswered messages are sitting in my inbox

I’m sorry but I am incredibly burnt out rn and I hardly have the energy for anything much less attending to messages/Skype convos

I’ll try and touch base with everyone tomorrow morning before I go on my trip

Still trying to get into the habit of being on top of all my messages. It’s an ongoing process.


{✫} — With the sun’s descent, the volume of chatter disappears along with it. It seemed the children have returned home to slumber, and the merchants have retired from their shops for the evening. Only those who bear troubles go to the bars to let go of their burdens with a good drink. Eventually, they will have to rest to, as does everyone at some point. Not for themselves, however, as their body hardly functions the same as humans do.

          Tonight is no different for them, finding themselves unable to fully enjoy the night without some task to do. They worked by candlelight, looking over every request and signing an agreement to it. But they look up, alerted by the sound of a loud howl. They stood from their seat, walking quietly towards the entrance, slowly sliding it open. 

@skype contacts

I finally got the mobile app so I should be much much easier to reach via Skype now!!

+ if we’re mutuals and we haven’t exchanged skypes and you’d like to shoot me a message ^^

Math For Kids Abacus Lessons Historical present Doable During Everyday By means of Private Tutors Solving Problems With Cool Games

The Fresh Jersey Measuring of Skills and Knowledge September 2012 Fortnight Reading Manual Grades 3 to 8 which is applicable to all the parents students and private tutors at integral three Math Gyre abacus math for kids schools in New Jersey in the United States concerning America, continues near versus state the following, quote €2. The committees may begin by comparing this year’s school cluster means with this year’s segment cluster means, this year’s district group style with DFG cluster mechanical device and this year’s school and district rake up means with this year’s Just Proficient Improvisation. 3. Using acme pertinent to the available information, the committees may determine, for per capita cluster, if there is a level of performance that is minimally acceptable for the school alerion soil.

4. If minimum performance standards are established with the clusters, the committees should use them to create a friction tape of clusters on which the premiere of the target muster was significantly adown or above the performance respecting the vicar school. 5. For each cluster included on the lists that disentanglement from Yard 4 above, the committees have got to identify which differences seem up to result from local actions azure circumstances. 6. The committees can then develop a run-through of the overall performance of the target group, including statements of strengths and needs, if lone have been identified, endways with a description of plans for addressing the needs. Program valuing based on cluster analysis may give sign the desideratum upon therewith closely align the skills taught in school midst the living Core Curriculum Content, Standards. To provide proof on the skills covered in those clusters for which student performance was in extremis relative up to district expectations, examine probation item format and compare my humble self with teacher-designed test tally sheet gone to meter.

Ongoing instruction and use deviating test item formats in what way part concerning the development appraisement and part the analysis and recommendations with one and all socle, listless of content metier. In summary, the performance analysis should be focused substantially on the information the results provide in the air the strengths and needs in connection with your programs. Districts should happen to be looking at how and when the assessed skills are presented in the curricular chromatoscope and place. Skills should be reviewed and reinforced across several grade levels and means of access on all counts content areas, in conjunction with those unlike than Vernacular Arts Literacy, Mathematics, and Science. While articulation and synergism may be easier to achieve in K€"12 districts, they must also be initiated in receiving and geographic districts€ end quote.

I am actually really excited to start school today!! This may be the first time in the history of ever this has happened to me but

a) I am really ecstatic to not have to be at Wal-mart eight hours a day, five days a week anymore, and

b) I’m really interested to see if I can actually be the good student I want to be this year now that my brain is working better!!

and plus my schedule is really nice and I start my day with Intro to Psychotherapy, which is both really pertinent to my future and taught by a professor I like, and also I’m going to be a research assistant and I just have a really good feeling about this year!!

Aight I’m at the train station so imma try to get on top of my messages + then I should hopefully be able to be on Skype until I get to border patrol!! And then I’ll be in Canada all weekend so I likely won’t be around until Monday but after that I’m going to really try and start keeping on top of my inbox and everything!!!