Didn't Come Here for Fame, Love.

People they just annoy me and when I’m annoyed I rant. Okay. 
If you think I came on tumblr for fame you’re wrong. I came on Tumblr because my friend Betty from England pushed me into it. She “made” me. (I hope you can see the joke in that sarcasm.) No I started tumblr just to blog and to blog pictures honestly. The reason I even started this writing blog was to A. keep all this nonsense from spamming up the dash of my other blog, because honestly things were getting messy on there and to B. organize my writing and to motivate myself to write more. I’ve had several writing blogs before no one followed me. Once in a blue fucking moon someone might let me know that they read it by commenting on it. I dunno man. It was just for me. At the end of the day I write for myself. I write to the people I love (which is not limited to but may include some of you) but ultimately for myself.

It’s the only thing I really do, do for myself is write. The only reason I started posting it more was because I honestly wanted some sort of platform where anyone who wanted to read it could read it. I got sick of having to give everyone papers after awhile….I started this blog to share my writing. When I first started it I was following a few lovely souls and a couple of them were following me in return and they said a lot of nice stuff about my writing, and I often commented on theirs as well. I was completely unaware of the massive writing community tumblr had to offer, until I started searching tags and readings stuff that other people were posting and I thought. Oh my fucking God. Some of these people are ingenious. So I started following them. I also started to tag my writing because I thought: Hey if I feel this way maybe other people do too, and maybe these words can offer them the same comfort they’ve offered me through simply writing them down.

I think that it’s a great honor to be a writer. Not only that but to be considered a good writer. It’s a great honor to be good at anything honestly. I only hope that whatever you’re good at,  you actually enjoy doing it. It’s amazing to be able to share with other people the worlds I have inside my head and for them to actually like the things I put on paper, or for them to tell me that they felt the same way once upon a time. For them to tell me that I was able to help them without ever really meaning to. It’s great to know that someone as isignifigant as me can perhaps do a little something to change the world, to make it a better, happier, much more livable place. 

I started sharing because I thought that maybe people would feel less lonely this way. I started sharing in hopes that someone  else might like these things I have. But I didn’t make a blog for tumblr fame. That's ridiculous if I wanted internet fame I could have grabbed a video camera when I was 14 years old and started making my own stupid, ridiculous videos on Youtube about how utterly hilarious I am. But I am pretty sure at the end of the day I’d run out of ideas for good videos. And that no one understands my sense of humor except for me, and that I could care less about fame be it internet or otherwise. All I want in life is to be successful and being successful doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be “famous.” I’d never wanna be famous anyway. I enjoy my hoveled existence of tea and books far too much to have that disrupted by people who want to take pictures of me at my ugliest hours, and write bullshit about me all over the front pages of every gossip magazine to ever exist.