David Freese, Fair Weather Fans, and how the wave should be band from baseball!

I hate fair weather fans! What do I hate more than fair weather fans? Easy! David Freese fans! There are truly only about… Ballpark… 100 REAL fans… You know the ones who knew who he was before games 6.
Let is discusses for a minute, shall we? If all you know about David Freese is the next few thing on my list you are NOT a real fan! And most likely are not much of a baseball fan at all!

What you “know” about Freese:
-He is Hot
-2011 MVP
-Game 6 walk off
-he is from STL
-he play 3rd Base
-he is #23

If this this is the existent of your Freese knowledge… Then you are the type I HATE!!! This is baseball people! Do I objectify baseball players as much as the next girl? Of course! Do I can’t call them as much as the next girl? Are the cows in Texas? but the first priority is BASEBALL! America’s game! The greatest game ever played! Take it in people! If your team is down… Believe they will come back! Cheer them on when they are in last place… Not just when they make it to postseason!

This brings me to my next subject…

The wave!
There is a baseball game happening in front of you… Watch it! If you are bored don’t come! Baseball is actually an intellectual sport and there are many things in every single pitch to take in… The wave is a pain in the ass when people are trying to watch the game in front of them and a bunch of jackass people who doesn’t know what an ERA is are jumping up like a bunch of assholes!!!!

I understand this whole thing is a crazy run-on sentence of anger… But I needed to vent!