mmh, fandom pretty much excusing Tarrlok and Amon’s shit because they were ~bb brothers with a troubled past~ doesn’t sit well with me.

like, yeah, their past was terrible and Yakone was a shitty father and I have some sympathy for them, but their past doesn’t forgive their actions at all!!

let’s not forgive Tarrlok for verbally and physically assaulting Korra and leaving scars on her, locking her away and sending her off to the mountains and then saying “oh, Equalists captured her” to the city and then fucking bloodbending everyone who found out where she really was, and stripping like half of Republic City of their rights, and no, we’re not forgiving Amon/Noatak/WHATEVER THE FUCK for terrorizing an entire city!

yeah, I know their past was tough and aww, brothers, but the things they did in LoK’s canon isn’t excusable because of it. sorry.