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[16/ Got7 Quotes] “ There was an article about the Olympics and comments saying why I became an idol rather than a fencer that I shoud’ve became a fencer instead. GOT7 is family to me and I am really glad that I am part of it and I am really happy that all of you guys are here ” - Jackson [trans]

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the next person who tries to say queer isn’t a slur or has been reclaimed for everyone, i’m dragging them down right to where i live in the bible belt and i’ll let you hear every queer, fag, and d slur that gets hurled at me just for being open about liking multiple genders. i’m literally terrified to come out as a trans man because my coworkers CONTINOUSLY called another trans man who i worked with a queer because he was open about being trans. you can come here and listen as people who i know and work with call other lgbt people and especially trans people “queers”, along with “it”. you can hear all of these straight cis men call anyone who seems they could be remotely gay, a queer.

queer is still a slur and i get reminded of it every day, so stop saying it’s not, stop saying it’s been 100% reclaimed, and stop calling this the “queer” community.