Rest in peace, you magnificent bastard.


SPEAKING OF SHUTE! @havenothingtodo and I were chatting a bit the other night. After watching the pilot trailer for SDGF on the ZZH special features disc we see that SDGF supposedly takes place during UC 0003 and he dug up that UC 0001 is also 2045 AD meaning that SDGF happens in what would be 2048 AD.

According to the official Japanese site Shute is 10 and in the fourth grade, it also seems to be around late spring or early summer in Neotopia. Subtract 10 years from 2048 we learn Shute was born in 2038 likely around the start of the new year which could range from New Years’ to early spring, thought we don’t have a set date or month (if i knew when school started in japan…)

We also learned that… Subtract 2 from 2048, Zero first came to Neotopia in 2046, and likely not much longer after that the SDG started forming (you build a competent military force secretly in two years see what you do), and the Dark Axis took 2 ½ years to invade LaCroa… They either took 2 ½ years starting in the midst of 2043 to take over LaCroa (long ass time to invade someplace) or from the day Zero was sent to LaCroa they started their invasion, which means half a year prep time and a fucking TWO YEAR WAR either way jesus fuck they sure do like to take their sweet time


Rozen Boy par AyuAna

The Final Battle: The General Vs. Everyone
  • Zero, others:Take care of the Princess, Shute!
  • Shute:I will!
  • <Shute proceeds to get kidnapped. The Princess, a little near accident with turbulence aside, is totally okay. this is in the frame of reference of giant spiky rockets flying around everywhere.>
  • Princess Relejimana Miya du Lacroa:O Mana, who dwells in all the universe, please send the most useful possible thing in this situation, and please make everybody stop trying to protect me. That one time Lacroa got conquered was a fluke. I've literally got magic shield powers. I'm fine.

Nanatsu no Taizai 189:

You both better be alive…

Derriere has some real angry issues. Now I want to known her backstory all the more.

Monspiet “our current predicament is less than ideal to my abilities”- What exacly are your abilities and commandment? I know he has some fire-related powers and that he can summon demons like he did this chapter, but that’s all. I want to know more.

Melizabeth moment was cute. It’s nice to see Meliodas blushing for a change. He wasn’t expecting that line. Even Zaratras was blushing.

“Demon party”? sounds like a fun chapter but I hope Meliodas didn’t slaughter them all on his own.

900 Follower Gift: Kunikida x Reader

Pairing: Kunikida x Cop!AbilityUser!Reader
Genre: Action, humor, romance
Word count: 3300+
Notes: Your “Ability” Jumper works like the Fairy Tail “Guns Magic” that was used by Wally. When you use your gun to shot, you can make portals and the second portal, where your bullet comes out, can be behind your enemy, suprising him. However the condition for the portals is, that you have to see the area where you want to put the portal.
My OCs are from the authors Minako Oba with the Ability Last Man Standing (Reference: Birds Playing the Fiddle) and Saeko Himura (though they’re sisters and Saeko is only her undercover name) with the Ability Tears of Mermaid
Please understand that my OCs are my property and I don’t want them to be used in other literature. But feel free to draw them ♥
Also please don’t expect fluffly romance stuff, this is a plot based oneshot with action and feels towards the reader and someone else.

A gentle summer breeze tickled through your hair. You raised your hand and held your hair out of your face to prevent it from blocking your vision. The red brick row building before you was familiar with you. You were a cop and working with the Agency was one of your main tasks. A faint sigh escaped your lips and you shook your head. “It’s my job..“ you murmured and entered the building.

The Armed Detective Agency wasn’t an unknown quantity at your police station and you worked with them quite often. Especially Ranpo Edogawa was involved with you the most, since he had this amazing apprehension and solved the most difficult cases in no time. Though you didn’t get along with his personality and arrogance. Ranpo often complained about your behavior – the one of you ignoring him. You didn’t mind his antics and thought that he would grow up soon.

You took a scrunchy from your pocket and made a pony tail before you nodded to yourself. “Let’s get this over with.“

“Welcome to the Armed Detect..- Oh, hello [Y/n]-chan! Nice to see you.“ Kenji greeted you with a smile. You smiled back. “You’re always in a good mood Kenji-kun. Your comrades should follow your example.“ you chuckled when your gaze fell on a certain office spot. Kunikida’s yelling could even be heard as you took the stairs. “I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU DAZAI! If you don’t move your lazy ass, I will..“ Kunikida’s sentence stopped when he heard you clearing your throat behind him.

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August 29th, 2016

Dear diary,

I had a day off today, and Lee had the wonderful idea of doing nothing. Well, we did something, of course, but nothing too exhausting, because this bloody heatwave is slowly but steadily killing us. I don’t understand how others are able to cope with it - the second I move my arm or leg, I feel like I’m melting! Actually, I had wanted to stay indoors all day, with the air conditioner running, a good show on telly (seriously, we have so many DVDs waiting to be watched, it’s insane!), and a big bowl of ice cream for the two of us to share.

Eventually, Lee had agreed we do this in the afternoon, but since it was still a little cool in the early hours of morning, he dragged me outside to show me “his city”. Funnily enough, I have been to New York quite often - I live here, after all - but mainly for work, and I’ve never been able to truly run around like a tourist and visit all the sights and the special secret places that only people who live here know about.

So Lee showed me around. He walked me through Manhattan and Central Park (not the whole of it, because it’s bloody huge, it just never appears that way when you see photos), he showed me his favourite little nooks and shops he hadn’t introduced me to so far, and we went up the Empire State Building so I could have a look down. It had just opened so we were the only people up there for a good long while, and it was stunning. To see New York, the city that never sleeps, actually still dozing away in the early hours of morning, with the cars seemingly quieter than they are during the day, a cool breeze on your skin, and the sheer beauty of the skyscrapers… it took my breath away, I have to admit that. I understand why Lee loves New York so much, and now that I know it better, it truly feels like home to me. The whole city - not just our little flat in Manhattan.

When it got warmer, though, we slowly made our way back to the flat to follow my initial plan - curl up on the sofa and feed each other with ice cream. Good thing we had taken off most of our clothes (ALL OF THEM, BABE, BE HONEST HERE :P), else they would have gotten all dirty! The ice cream was melting so fast, it kept dripping…


I can’t take this. I can’t believe how hard the Mecha God, General Zeong, had to work to try and ‘get’ to Shute. Like after trapping him in the nightmare projected environment he first tried to use the ‘truth’ of a bad future to convince Shute that they would lose. He used an image of Shute’s older self and even an older image of his baby sister Nana. But nope, Shute didn’t believe it. He then had to project an image of a destroyed, hostile Captain Gundam to try and convince Shute that the future was hopeless. But nope, Shute was ready to go fix the bad future all by himself with tools from his shed workshop.

finally Zeong just had to flip the table and scare the kid by deleting the simulated scenario and parts of Shute’s imaginary body to try and make it sink in that he was going to be destroyed. But Nope, Shute just hung in there denying it. Zeong was reduced to yelling at the kid via a shadow clone over and over again that he didn’t exist, but no matter how much anguish Shute was in he just couldn’t. destroy the kid. General Zeong, with the power to obliterate time and space, just can’t handle the go-get-em of this kid. He couldn’t synchronize the kid’s influence with his own like, at all. At any point. It is very possible that Zeong was this close to destroying all of reality and ultimately mandating it didn’t exist anymore, but was thwarted by just some kid furiously believing “it does!” at him.

like every time an attempt at brainwashing failed did Zeong just go “shit… what tf can I use to try again? does nothing get through to this kid???”

i’m not saying Shute’s belief in others and the future is the most powerful force in the universe, but I’m definitely saying Shute’s belief in others and the future is the most powerful force in the universe.