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The next couple of days I’ll upload some of the photos I took for the holiday issue of STAND. The theme was “Naughty or Nice” ;) I hope you like them <3 Please check out the Lookbook - it’s amazing! thestandmag.com

Teaching Lily to hop onto my lap on command. This is the start of her learning to do DPT (deep pressure therapy). 🐶🎀

December 4th, 2016

Dear diary,

Everything is sent away: the wedding invitations, the Christmas greeting cards for all our friends (Rich loves to write them whole novels….) and our letters to Santa. I was so diligent with that he has to fulfill our wishes!!

Everything is prepared now, and now it’s only time to wait. I fucking hate waiting. I used to hate it as a kid, and I still hate it now. I remember that time when I was a kid, sneaking downstairs the night before Christmas, looking at the presents by unwrapping them and then putting the wrapping paper on again - but so badly that my parents immediately knew.

That gave me an idea.. You know, I know Rich quite well until now. And I know him well enough to know that he already has my Christmas gift since early summer…. Sooo…I went looking for it :D

I crawled up into the attic at first, wanting to start at the top and then slowly work my way down. I didn’t find anything except one of my gifts to him for his name day when we first moved here. (I was reminded of one particular Christmas movie, I just hoped there would be no squirrel attack).

I also searched in the kitchen, in the bedroom and even asked Carl if he’d a little present in his kennel by any chance… But there was nothing. I thought that Rich might have hidden it in our appartment in NYC… So I developed the plan to either interrogate Rich in my typical inconspicous way or I’d have to search it there again… However, wish me luck that I’ll find it! :D


MUAHAHHAHAA! You’ll never find it! XD

… you forgot where you hid it, right?

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… … … just tell me when you’ve found it, alright?

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